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Piping Guidelines - the best performance from your pumps

2016-05-20 18:45:24

1. The pipeline should be as short and straight.

2. Avoid steep and multiple bending.

3. Elbow should be flat, the radius should be large, the ideal state is the inner diameter of the hose × 10.

4. Avoid using a Y connector T connector.

5. Suction-side pipe size must not be too small (minimum size hole should be equal to the inner diameter of the hose).

6. Ideally, it should be at least 150% of the size of the pump, such as a VF50, using 50 mm diameter of the hose or two inches, an inner diameter of the suction pipe should be at least 75 mm (actual of DN80) or 3 inches. As the product specific gravity (SG) increases, the viscosity or the line length increases. It may require a larger ID products. In this case, please consult us

7. Pulsation dampers or battery chamber should be as close to the suction or discharge port installed in the pump. Install it from the port at intervals of 1m or 3 feet, can be reduced by 10% damping effect.

8. Includes a short, next to the removable portion of the pump, easy maintenance (change hoses, etc.). This should preferably be a flexible hose.

9. Analysis of the product pipeline should include drain isolation valve. Hose pump is a positive displacement pump, which has a good engineering practice, including the discharge line pressure relief device (valve closed or "riser" protection devices).

10. Away from the pump discharge port to install non-integrated flow meter, meter readings may be distorted because of the pulse.

11. Install expansion joints to the pipeline project, in order to mitigate the effects of pulsatile flow plumbing.

12. Whenever you use a hose connection, make sure the hose is made of a suitable elastic force measuring device has enough rated system maximum suction and discharge pressure.

13. In many cases, the particles contained in the fluid pumped is easily solved by using the port flange, with the inlet flange is recommended to use the same.

pumps piping guidelines

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