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How do peristaltic dosing pumps work?

2016-05-25 18:41:07

1.The peristaltic pump is based on alternating compression and relaxation of the hose or tube, suction hose or tube into the fluid, and our throat and intestinal activity principle is similar.

2. A rotator or roller along the longitudinal direction of the hose or tube fully compressed it, the suction and discharge outlet of the pump will create a seal, slide control products.

3. Hose or pipe recovery relies produced a powerful vacuum to draw fluid into the pump.

4. The fluid being pumped does not contact any moving parts and is completely sealed in a strong, heavy-duty hose or a Precision extruded pipe.

5. This precise pumping action makes this pump is suitable for accurate filling program and has a whopping 16 bar (hose) and 2 bar (pipe) pressure rating.

6. The high-pressure hose has an inner and an outer layer of a 2-6 strengthened, so that it can withstand high working pressure and the ratio of non-enhanced tubes produce higher suction.

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peristaltic pump work

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