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Industrial hose squeeze pump peristaltic pump for transporting viscous liquids

2022-12-10 21:55:34

Industrial hose squeeze pump peristaltic pump for transporting viscous liquids is widely used in metallurgy, rare earth, desulfurization and environmental protection, water treatment, papermaking, paint, titanium dioxide, compound fertilizer and other industries. This series of hose pumps are available in single-pipe and double-pipe forms, and can be used as pool cleaning self-priming pumps, filter press pumps, and mud pumps.

industrial hose pump for transporting viscous liquids

Industrial hose pump for transporting viscous liquids configuration:
1. Standard configuration: ordinary SEW series motor, helical bevel gear box reducer, horizontal inlet and outlet. Simple operation, reliable product quality, to provide customers with stable and reliable products to meet market demand.
2. Special configuration: frequency conversion motor, high protection motor, explosion-proof motor, hard tooth surface reducer can be configured according to user needs, and the direction of import and export is adjustable. The movable hose pump has a screw hole on one side of the pump base, it is equipped with four wheels, and there is a steering wheel with brake in front of the pump base, which plays a fixed role, making the pump convenient and convenient when working in the field. Move freely.

peristaltic pump for transporting viscous liquids

1. The peristaltic pump for transporting viscous liquids should be installed smoothly to reduce vibration and noise.
2. There should be a flexible or rigid short joint (about 80~100 cm) between the outlet flange of the pump and the pipeline connection, so that the hose can be replaced.
3. There is no need to prime the pump when starting the pump. Therefore, the installation height of the pump can be above the material level, and there is no need for auxiliary pipelines and starting facilities, but the height difference should not exceed 5 meters.
4. When the conveying medium has high viscosity, many particles, easy deposition and poor fluidity, the pump is generally installed below the material.
5. Pay attention to minimize elbows (especially right-angle elbows) when piping the pump. In general, the diameter of the outlet pipe is equivalent to the diameter of the hose. For materials with long pipelines, high viscosity and poor fluidity, the outlet pipe diameter should be 1.2 to 1.3 times the diameter of the pump hose.
6. The inlet and outlet of the pump are not allowed to install check valves.
7. The outlet of the pump should be equipped with a pressure gauge to monitor the operation of the pump.
8. The inlet and outlet of the pump are in the same direction as the pump, and the inlet and outlet of the pump are interchangeable.
9. The industrial peristaltic hose pump for transporting viscous liquids is sealed without leakage or pollution, and the coolant can be added to the pump casing (the oil level is 1/3 of the window). The role of the coolant is to remove frictional heat, enable the hose to operate at the right temperature, and protect the bearings to extend the life of the hose.
10. Replacement and adjustment of the hose:
a. When replacing the hose, first loosen the pipe clamp bolts at both ends, remove the pipe clamp, then loosen the hanging ring bolt at one end, and remove one end of the short pipe from the hose. Then, insert a new hose from the end of the removed short tube between the pump casing and the pressure roller, jog the motor, put the hose into the pump, and then fix the lifting ring. , Install the tube card, and the replacement task is completed. (Note: When installing the hose, be sure to close the hose to the pump casing, and then it can be put into normal operation after confirmation).
b. The hose can be used for about 200 hours, and the hose can be rotated 90°. For a single hose pump, in addition to the rotation direction, the hose can also be twitched back and forth to change the pressure point of the hose and prolong the service life of the hose.

hose squeeze pump for transporting viscous liquids

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