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AR Application for Hose Pump Maintenance

2022-08-04 16:11:47

With the rapid development of hose pump technology in recent years, augmented reality (AR) applications for hose pumps have been introduced both domestically and internationally, designed to reduce maintenance time through clear step-by-step visual guidance.

This easy-to-use application develops AR applications for after-sales support so that users can quickly identify the tools needed for hose pump maintenance tasks or spare parts.

The application has been carefully designed so that users do not need previous AR experience to easily access key information and understand pump maintenance procedures through the animations on the application. By utilizing this visual digital technology, the user's understanding of the pump will be improved. By laying AR visual instructions on the user's own pump, the app helps the customer understand a task and saves time previously spent consulting printed product manuals.

Currently, the best domestic and international hose pump manufacturers are committed to using digital technology to continuously improve the customer experience, which is broader than simply using the products in operation. Digital technology can help the value of knowledge transfer, recognizing that a new generation of users has the skills and preferences to consume information through different media.

In the future, more and more manufacturers and trading companies will make targeted investments in technology to improve the customer experience in many areas of their business.

In the age of the Internet, as technology has transformed and upgraded, young engineers have grown up using smartphones, which they can now use to perform pump maintenance with clear visual guidance. Some customers will also prefer to get maintenance help this way, rather than consulting a manual. Hose pumps will continue to provide long-term cost benefits. They are accurate and reliable, require minimal maintenance, and nothing touches the fluid except the tubing, which eliminates the risk of contamination. Technology changes life, similarly, the production and manufacturing of hose pumps in the transformation and upgrading, but also more and more towards technology, intelligent direction, such a development trend in line with the trend of the times, the use of hose hose pumps for customers has brought great convenience. Leadcrete hose pump will also strengthen technical research and development, improve product advantages, and bring high-quality products to customers. 

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