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Hydroseeder for mine remediation

2022-07-27 11:01:18

The main construction objects of the foreign hydroseeder include poor rock and hillside soil, acid-alkali soil, and exposed coastal dams with a slope of more than 75 degrees. After mixing the soil with the organic matter rich in clay particles, it is mixed with the agglomerating agent when spraying to form a lumpy reaction and create a soil effect with a cohesive structure. After spraying, it will produce water absorption, so the soil medium with strong adhesion will be firmly adsorbed on the slope surface, resisting wind erosion and thus preventing soil erosion.

hydroseeder for mine remediation

During the mine remediation construction, there is often a large amount of excavation of earth and stone, and the excavation of these earth and stone destroys the original vegetation, resulting in a large number of exposed slopes, resulting in soil erosion and ecological environment imbalance. Due to the exposed slopes formed by the engineering construction, it often takes a long time to restore the ecological balance by the power of nature itself, and some even cannot be restored at all. At this time, it is necessary to take engineering measures to carry out engineering protection and ecological greening treatment of the slope to prevent slope damage, soil erosion, and achieve the effects of water conservation, air purification, and beautification of the environment.

hydroseeder for mine rehabilitation

Mine greening is a new type of ecological slope protection method that can effectively protect exposed slopes. The combination of hydroseeder and traditional engineering slope protection can effectively achieve ecological vegetation restoration on slopes. After nearly 20 years of development of domestic spraying equipment, from the initial transformation, from the non-professional equipment dry spraying machine, concrete pump spraying operation, to the current soil spraying machine that can operate continuously, it has gradually formed a In the spraying machine market with Chinese characteristics, many professional spraying equipment R&D and manufacturing manufacturers have also emerged in this development process. Among them, the professional hydroseeder equipment manufacturer represented by Gaodetec Equipment has obtained a number of invention patents in the field of spraying equipment through years of development, and occupies an important position in the domestic spraying machine market.

hydroseeder for mine landfills

The special construction technology coupled with the continuous operation of the hydroseeder for mine rehabilitation solves the problems of difficult construction due to high and steep wounds, scarcity of planting soil, low substrate fertilizer efficiency, water shortage, and difficulty in natural maintenance. Effectively prevent the failure of greening caused by rain erosion, improve the survival rate of vegetation, purify the air, conserve water sources, and protect the secondary disasters of wounds and mountains. Natural ecological natural cycle system. Restore natural vegetation protection, reduce manual intervention, and naturally integrate with the surrounding environment.

hydroseeder for greening mining

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hydroseeder for mine remediation, please just feel free to contact us for more information. Email address: 

hydroseeder for mining rehabilitation

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