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How to properly use shotcrete machine

2016-08-18 11:02:26

1. Sealing plate and steel rotor plate maintenance and repair.

  1) Before class jet, to check the pressing force exerted on the Sealing plate. The pressing force is too small, it will cause the pressurized steam escaping from the joint surface. Carrying fine particles into the sealing surface, exacerbating Sealing plate and steel rotor plate wear. The pressing force is too large, it will cause increased wear and Sealing plate motor power consumption increases.

  2) Class work is completed, the washing machine at the same time, especially to Sealing plate and steel rotor plate surface clean. And check for wear and Sealing plate steel rotor plate of:

      a. Sealing the wear plate in order to achieve effective hermetic whether to measure. In case of high or low pressure gas range can not be isolated and sealed surface has deep grooves, Sealing plate must be replaced.

      b. Steel rotor plate surface may not have deep scratches. Scratches deeper than 1mm need to re-grinding. steel rotor plate through the orifice edge must be kept sharp edges. If the edges are chamfered, fine particles can penetrate the surface while working in conjunction with the steel rotor plate Sealing plate, resulting Sealing plate wear increased, thereby shortening its life. Therefore, it is timely grinding steel rotor plate.

2. Rubber chamber and rubber elbow maintenance.

Rubber chamber and rubber elbow with anti-adhesive material, without bond under normal circumstances, but the class should open rotor body and the rubber elbow after the check for the material deposited and to be cleaned.

3. The main drive gearbox maintenance.

  1) Class should be cleared up after work surface adhesion of mixing materials and other debris.

  2) Class before starting the deceleration observed inside the oil level should be insufficient to replenish.

  3) When the gearbox working temperature shall not exceed 60 ℃, it should not have abnormal vibration or noise. Otherwise it should be checked and maintenance.

  4) The cumulative work 250 hours change the oil.

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