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China grout plant manufacturer

2021-07-28 20:17:47

China grout plant manufacturer
As a professional
grout plant manufacturer, we offer you a suitable solution in Tunneling, Microtunnelling / Pipe Jacking / Directional Drilling, Anchoring, Dam construction, Diaphragm Walls / Slurry Walls and Soil Mixing (Deep Mixing). Leadcrete grout station series including piston type, plunger type, double piston type, double plunger type, three cylinders mud pump type and squeeze hose type. Mixer volume from 200L to 1200L, agitator volume from 300L to 3000L, pump flow from 1 to 300L/min and pressure from 1 to 100 bar. Diesel power and electric power is provided for better used in varies conditions.

grout plant manufacturer

grout plant manufacturer

automated mixing and grouting plants

LGP500/700/100 PI-D grout mixer and pump (Compact Grout Plants) is a double piston type, diesel power and hydraulic drive. It is powerful with compact structure, convenient operation, less space occupation. Two sets have been sent to our customers in Jordon and they use it well with very good feedbacks.

grout station

grout plant manufacturer


grout plant supplier


LGP1200/3000/300H-E grout plant is equipped the automatically batching weight system and PLC control system to automate operations. Mixer capacity is 1200L/min, agitator capacity is 3000L/min, pump output is 300L/min.

grout plant manufacturer

LGP220/350/50DPI-D grout plant the high shear colloidal grout mixer volume is 220L, the agitator volume is 350L. Grouting pressure and output are step-less adjustable, the output is 0-50L/min, pressure 0-30 Bar.

Main features of LGP220/350/50DPI-D grout plant:
1. Double cylinders piston pump with single actin g to ensure the continuous slurry flowing (small pulse) and not easily leaking compared with the double acting piston pump.
2. Grouting pressure and displacement is adjustable.
3. The function switch between mixer and agitator is realized by using squeeze switch.
4. With pressure, hydraulic oil temperature and flow sensors , over hydraulic oil temperature protection.
5. Diesel and full hydraulic driven.
6. PLC and HMI control.
7. Solid state relay.
8. Up to 5mm particle size.
9. Air cooling and water cooling for the hydraulic.
10. The grouting/ injection recorder with computer is optional.

grout plant manufacturer

As a grout plant manufacturer, OEM is available. Suitable machine and suitable solution will always provide. We also can customized grout plant according to customer requirements.

For more information about automated mixing and grouting plants, please email us,
Before we send quotation, please let me know the following question:
1. What is the project you are going to do?
2. How about the flow and pressure of the pump you want, please?
3. How about the water and cement ratio, does any sand in?
4. About the power: electric (voltage and frequency) or diesel?

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