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how much is a shotcrete machine?

2016-08-16 17:21:28

Recently we have received lots of feedback about the shotcrete machineWe are very glad to answer the question for everyone. In order to better service for our customers, we summarize the situation.

The following is the main feedback:

1. How much is a shotcrete machine?
2. Please send me details and price about the gunite machine.
3. I want the price of shotcrete pump?
4. We need this shotcrete machine and what is the price of shotcrete machine?
5. What is the delivery time on this shotcrete machine?
6. Hello, I am interested in your shotcrete machine? What is the shotcrete machine price?
7. Do you teach how to use the shotcrete machine?
8. What is the delivery time on this shotcrete machine?

These questions are very common with our customers. So we want to tell our customers, first you must know what product you want.
1. Which shotcrete do you want?

2. What is the output do you want?
3. What is your project with the shotcrete machine?
4. What the shotcrete machine drive do you want, electric drive, diesel drive or air drive?
5. What is the local voltage?
6. Where is your location? Do you want CIF or FOB price?
7. Which shipping do you want?
8. What's your email address? we can send more details to you by email.

If you tell us these information, so the right machine and best quotation will be offered to you by email. By the way don't worry you will not use this machine, this shotcrete machine is easy to operate and we have many operation vedio for reference. If need, we can offer door to door service. Our email is

shotcrete machine price


how mach is a shotcrete machine

Shotcrete machine application
1. Tunnel linings.
2. Mining operations.
3. Hydropower projects.
4. Hill side projects.
5. Swimming Pool.
6. Concrete repair.
7. Soil retention and retaining walls.
8. Underground excavation engineering etc.

Shotcrete machine features:

1. Variable output with variable-frequency drive.
2. Heavy-duty solid wheels.
3. Coulping and clamp.
4. Light weight nozzle.

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