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Price per barrel for foaming agent

2020-06-28 17:34:35

Price per barrel for foaming agent
Cement foaming agent is a key material for the production of foamed concrete. Whether it can produce foamed concrete of appropriate density depends on the selection of a suitable cement foaming agent. There are many types of cement foaming agents on the market, and the prices of foaming machines vary widely. Many people choose the blowing agent blindly or choose whichever price is lower. In fact, the foaming agent price in foamed concrete is the lowest, and it is undesirable to choose cement foaming agent by price alone.

price per barrel for foaming agent

There are many types of cement foaming agents on the market. These types of foaming agents have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the price per barrel for foaming agent are also different. In many people's minds, the cement foaming agent only foams and densifies, this idea is very one-sided. Cement foaming agent is actually related to the strength, thermal conductivity, setting speed, water absorption rate, pouring height and other properties of foamed concrete products. Therefore, when choosing a cement foaming agent, one should not only look at the foaming agent price, but the overall cost. The cost of cement in foam concrete is the main cost.

foaming agent price

The effect of cement foaming agent on the performance of foamed concrete:
1. Strength
The strength of foam concrete is a key indicator. How to make the strength of foam concrete better becomes a key factor to improve the performance of foam concrete. Choosing a good cement foaming agent can effectively increase the strength of foamed concrete. A good cement foaming agent can form bright closed pores in the foam concrete, which greatly improves the density of the foam wall and thus the strength.
2. Water absorption
At present, many foam concrete products on the market have a very high water absorption rate, some as high as 50%. The reason is that the closed pore rate of foam concrete is low, and the through holes are formed due to the foaming and the poor foam stability of the cement foaming agent. This is due to the low closed cell rate of the cement foaming agent, so a good cement foaming agent can make the foam concrete product have a low water absorption rate.

foaming agent price

3. Pouring height
The foam concrete pouring height is directly related to the foam stability of the cement foaming agent. The cement foaming agent has high foam stability, and the higher the casting height, the vice versa. The higher the pouring height, the greater the pressure of the slurry on the foam. If the foam is poorly stable, it will collapse.
4. Density
The key to the density control of foam concrete is the amount of foam added, so the direct factor of density is cement foaming agent. The more stable the foam of the cement foaming agent, the better the density can be controlled, and the lower the density of the foam concrete. On the contrary, the stability of the cement foaming agent is not good, it is possible to design 400 density, and it will be 500 kg when poured. It is also possible that the upper and lower densities are different, that is, the density is uneven. Such a problem is more obvious in the wall.
5. Thermal conductivity
The most direct factor affecting thermal conductivity is the density of foam concrete, and the key factor of density control is cement foaming agent.

price per barrel for foaming agent

To sum up: Cement foaming agent will affect the performance indexes of foam concrete strength, water absorption, pouring height, density and thermal conductivity. It can be seen that it is very important to choose a good quality foaming agent in foam concrete construction. Leadcrete Machinery Manufacturing Factory not only produces foaming machines, but also provides you with foaming machines of good quality and excellent price. If you want to know the price per barrel for foaming agent, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with the best price. Our email is:

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