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Adjustable CLC foam concrete mixing machine

2020-06-24 10:41:20

Adjustable CLC foam concrete mixing machine

Adjustable CLC foam concrete mixing machine is used to make foam concrete precast products and cast-in-place foam concrete. The cement foaming machine is composed of a cement feeder, a cement mixer and a foam concrete pumping machine.
The CLC foam concrete mixing machine designed as a whole foaming device and cement mixer is automatically sucked into the cement slurry processed by the mixer, pressurized by the pumping machine, sent to the mixer, and mixed with the foam sent by the foam generator to form The foam concrete slurry is then sent to the construction site through the pipeline.

adjustable CLC foam concrete mixing machine

The foam cement mixer should be able to produce a good cement slurry. The conditions for making the pulp are: the water and the cement are thoroughly stirred in the shortest time and in a limited space, and no particles are agglomerated. The conditions are: high speed, high breaking rate, no external splashing device, especially for processing with quick-setting materials.
Cast-in-place foam concrete made by CLC foam concrete mixing machine is a new type of engineering field material developed in recent years; it has the characteristics of light weight, good fluidity, strong durability, low cost and simple construction. It is widely used in some special engineering parts, such as road expansion, tunnel construction, backfilling, special geological treatment. The effect is very obvious and the prospect is broad.
Lightweight, fluid, self-sustaining port engineering skills and stage management. Excellent mechanical properties, simple construction, no need for large construction machinery, and short construction period. Cellular cement foam can greatly reduce the additional stress applied to the foundation. Suppress the settlement and damage of soft ground embankments. Reduce the pressure on the underground structure to improve the safety and service life of the structure. Cellular cement foam can better prevent uneven settlement of structures and embankments. Then eliminate the problem of highway bridgehead jumping. When used for road expansion and reconstruction, it can save expensive engineering land, reduce demolition and save construction costs. foam concrete can effectively deal with some geological problems, fill holes and caves, and improve the reinforcement of weak geological interlayers.
Our CLC foam concrete mixing machine is integrated one, putting foam generator, conveyor, mixer, foam concrete pump, control panel and wheels in one, very convenient to operate and move. And our diesel adjustable CLC foam concrete mixing machine can be used in the wild without power. 

CLC foam agent

If you need us to provide foam agent, we also provide, our foam agent is plant protein foam agent, very suitable to produce foam concrete. If any questions, pls feel free to contact us.

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