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Plaster piston pump for sale

2019-11-20 17:55:44

LMP70/30 plaster piston pump for sale is used for aggregate size less than 6mm pre-mixing mortar and site mixing mortar conveying and spraying. It can spray evenly, continuously and efficiently. It has high cost performance, strong reliability, low wear of piston and long service life. It is equipped with continuous mixer, can achieve continual operation. It can be used in the building, the external wall spray plaster, used in road and bridge, tunnel, water conservancy, underground engineering pore pressure grouting.

plaster piston pump for sale

piston plaster pump for sale

Advantages of piston plaster pump for sale:
1. Reasonable design, integration of pump and compressor, easy to move.
2. Feeding smoothly , no pulse phenomenon;
3. Wide applicability and Multi-usage, this cement spraying machine can be used to spray mortar materials, putty paste etc. not restricted by regional and environmental conditions and spraying surface shape.
4. Coating uniformity, strong adhesion; Engineering quality assured, our company launched high pressure spraying equipment flow (up to 3Mpa) to overcome the shortcomings low degree of the compactness of cement mortar; low adhesive property between the wall and mortar.
5. Complete functions, can spray also can convey.
6. Can change the connection direction of the spray gun and nozzle, easy to operate.
7. High efficiency, a set plaster piston pump cost factory can paint 120 square meters per hour with ease, if it works 8 hours one day, then it can Paint more or less 1000 square meters ,which equals to the workload of 20 skilled workers per day.

plaster piston pump supplier

The piston plaster pump can be used not only for spraying but also for filling mortar. In addition, due to the high efficiency of sand blasting, it can be named as quick mortar spraying machine; also known as gypsum machine, because of spraying cement slurry; because of spray putty powder, refractory material, emulsion paint, fireproof material, also known as multi-function sprayer.

plaster piston pump price

The operator should use and carefully maintain the plaster piston pump, paying attention to the following special tips:
1. The operator of the machine must be a trained and skilled worker.
2. Please read this instruction carefully before operating the machine, and do not violate the rules and regulations.
3. Please note that the power supply is a three-phase five-wire system. It is strictly forbidden to connect the neutral line incorrectly.
4. Non-skilled technicians shall not be invited to carry out maintenance, especially the maintenance of the main parts of the machine. Concrete cylinders, crankcases, etc. shall not be removed according to the department.
5. Before each operation, the operator should carefully inspect the concrete pump and piping and confirm that there is no fault before starting.
Instead, the fault must first be eliminated.
6. After each construction operation is completed, the residual mortar in the hopper, the conveying cylinder and the pipeline must be removed in time to check that the bolts of the rotating parts are loose.

plaster piston pump for wall

The company insists on improving and renovating equipment and strives to improve it. 
Cement spraying machine is mainly used in the building construction industry, both inside and outside wall for plastering and spraying mortar, external wall insulation mortar spraying, the materials can be mortar roughcast, putty materials,  large building spraying  materials, waterproofing coating and so on. 

plaster pump for wall plastering

We are a professional plaster piston pump cost factory with competitive plaster piston pump price, if you have any special requirements about machine, we can customize machine according to your project requirements. Hope we have a chance to serve you.

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