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Cement grouting mixer machine operate process application

2019-11-29 18:31:07

Cement grouting mixer machine operate process application
Grouting mixer machine is extremely important that the equipment you use to mix, store and pump the grout is compatible with both that grout’s specific characteristics and the project’s requirements. In projects that involve mixing large volumes of grout it is important that the storage equipment is sufficiently large to hold the volume and to maintain the correct consistency of the grout. The grout’s quality depends significantly on the quality of the mixing process.
The grout-mixing process with paddle-mixing machines involves a stirring action that generates minor shearing forces to blend the mix components together continually. They then gravity-feed the resulting product into a holding tank or agitator. They can closely monitor the water-cement ratio. They are batch mixers, which means the operator adds the water and cement before starting the mixing.

Cement grouting mixer machine

Their principal limitation is that it is possible that unmixed cementitious lumps may be within the mix. This is a sign of an unstable product, and can cause such problems as blocked pumping equipment or a grout with the wrong characteristics. You should use this mixing method with grouts that have a high proportion of solids and therefore require mixing under low shearing forces. 
Paddle cement grouting mixers are available with different styles of blades. Those with pitched blades are ideal for providing radial and axial flow, which are the two components that generate good mixing. Those with curved blades are ideal for starting up in a tank of settled solids.
They do generate a circular motion during this process, and you need to minimise this to ensure a good blend of the substances. We suggest offsetting the axis of rotation to minimise circular motion, but this is limited to lower-energy applications to prevent the load from stressing the agitator arm. 
The basic process of high-shear mixing involves the introduction of one liquid, solid, or gas ingredient into a main continuous liquid with the aim of producing a homogenous solution. When mixing grouts this process usually mixes powder, water, and additives, depending on the grout’s type and function. It is important to mix the ingredients for a sufficient amount of time to ensure that a homogenous solution forms. The process relies on the mixer creating high shear forces to ensure that the different ingredients move at different speeds, allowing the continuous movement of one into the other. About more cement grouting mixer application, please contact us freely. 
 grouting mixer machine

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