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Foam cement machine for sale

2019-11-14 15:53:47

Foam cement machine for sale 

Foamed cement is becoming more and more popular in the construction industry because of its unique properties. Leadcrete foam cement machines have been sold all over the world in recent years. More and more people choose our foam cement machine to complete them. So what is the reason why foamed cement is so popular?

foam cement machine for sale

Foam cement is stirred with cement, fine sand as the base material, adding a foaming agent, expansive agent, additives, and even waterproof agent and mixed by a foam cement machine. It has millions of tiny independent. It is a uniform distribution with a closed pore structure. Lightweight, good thermal insulation performance, sound insulation, fire resistance, good pump performance, good water resistance, strong water resistance, strong impact energy absorption performance, and low price. Foam cement making machine for sale can be widely used in foamed cement block, foamed cement lightweight wall panel, roof thermal insulation making slop, the ground insulation cushion, foundation pit filling, the wall pouring and other projects. 

foam cement machine suppleir

Compared with other types of building materials, foamed cement made by Leadcrete 
foam cement machine suppleir and foam cement machine suppleir has its unique advantages.
1. Has compressive strength and aging resistance
Traditional chemical thermal insulation materials can achieve thermal insulation effect, but its 
compressive strength and anti-aging performance have been unable to meet the requirements. 
Lightweight foam cement can completely solve this problem, and it is the substitutes of the 
traditional thermal insulation materials.
2. Has a better light weight
The density can reach 200~1600kg/m³, which effectively reduces the building load.
3. Has good sound insulation
The sound insulation of lightweight foam cement is 5 to 8 times higher than that of the ordinary 
cement, which has solved the problem of the noise in the living space.
4. Has good high temperature resistance
The applicable temperature of foam cement can reach above 250 to 300 °C, and benzene board 
will be softened at more than 75 °C and occur chemical reactions.
5. Improve the stability and life of insulation layer
The insulating layer of foam cement has high stability and anti-aging performance, which 
effectively ensures the indoor ground smooth without cracking, and the life is 5 ~ 10 times longer 
than that of benzene board and 5 times longer of that of the perlite particles.
6. Has good environmental protection performance
All the additives of foamed cement are plant fiber protein and animal protein which are 
non-toxic harmless. Benzene board, perlite particles and other chemical heat insulation materials 
will produce harmful toxic gases at high temperature.
7. Has good thermal insulation
The thermal insulation coefficient is 0.08w/m.k which is 20 to 30 times that of ordinary cement.
8. Good water resistance
The water absorption of foam cement is less than 10%, which is obviously different from other wall self-insulation materials

foam cement machine price

Leadcrete foam cement machines are sent abroad and for sale. We have many foreign customers, such as Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and have been well received by domestic and foreign customers for many years. We hope that our products can assist each customer to complete their projects with high quality. For more information on foam cement machine price and foam cement machine cost or about our company, please visit our official website:

foam cement machine cost


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