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Planetary mixer for mixing UHPC ultra high performance concrete

2024-04-03 19:01:38

Planetary mixer for mixing UHPC has excellent materials and complex mixing trajectories. It has a compact structure and smooth transmission. The cylinder is thickened and durable to improve work efficiency. Every detail is carefully cast. It is quick to clean and not easy to leak slurry. The revolution and rotation of the mixing blades It can prevent aggregates of various particle sizes and specific gravity from segregating during the mixing process, and at the same time obtain higher productivity. The trajectory of the mixing materials is smooth and continuous. The reducer is a self-designed patented product with good stability and is easy to use. Long life, less maintenance, simple structure, easy disassembly and assembly, and reduced workload.

planetary mixer for mixing UHPC

planetary mixer for mixing ultra high performance concrete

The planetary mixer for mixing ultra high performance concrete relies on its own structural characteristics and performance advantages to carry out targeted mixing. The mixing quality and high-level mixing technology are at your fingertips. The planetary trajectory is multi-layered. Since it takes up less space, it can With flexible arrangement, it can not only be used as a concrete mixer in concrete production lines, but also can be used as an industrial stand-alone machine in mixing production in different fields. It has a wide range of applications. The streamlined design of the mixing arm reduces the adhesion of materials and reduces the amount of materials. The occurrence of the arm folding phenomenon reduces the load on the motor to a certain extent.

UHPC planetary mixer for sale

UHPC planetary mixer

The ultra high performance concrete planetary mixer takes advantage of its own advantages and features to achieve fully automated operation and control from weighing, loading, feeding, mixing, unloading and other processes. The motor drives the planetary mixing shaft to operate, achieving high precision and high homogeneity of materials. The vertical structure design improves the adhesion phenomenon during the mixing process of materials. The shaft end sealing device avoids the impact of lubricating oil on the mixed materials, improves the hopper's environmental protection characteristics, saves time and effort, reduces workers' labor effort, and avoids the phenomenon of dust flying during the mixing process of materials, meeting the industry's energy-saving and environmentally friendly mixing requirements. 

UHPC ultra high performance concrete planetary mixer

ultra high performance concrete planetary mixer

Through the innovation and optimization of UHPC planetary mixer, the accuracy and reliability of material mixing are ensured, the quality of material mixing is greatly improved, the energy consumption output of the equipment is reduced, and production costs in the industry are saved. It has great advantages in improving the mixing uniformity of concrete materials. The mixing application level of the materials has been improved, and higher quality products can be prepared. Any need please contact us, email address:

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