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Planetary mixer for UHPC and refractory

2024-04-29 11:06:28

Planetary mixer for UHPC and refractory combines a new mixing process to perform multi-faceted mixing of materials through complex intersecting mixing trajectories to ensure homogeneity, improve the quality of semi-finished products and finished products, diversified strong mixing, break up and coalesce together particles, complete high-quality mixing, and the mixed materials are more in line with the mixing requirements of refractory materials.

UHPC planetary mixer

refractory planetary mixer inner

As a quality-first refractory material and UHPC mixing equipment, the planetary mixing device mixes more evenly, the vertical design is rigorous and meticulous, and the parameters of each part are more reasonably matched. The mixing coverage is wide, and there will be no dead corners and inefficient areas in the mixing, and there will be no leakage. It solves the mixing problem in the field of refractory materials to a certain extent, realizes the upgrade of mixing, and reduces or even avoids the disadvantages of refractory mixing technology.

planetary mixer for UHPC

This planetary equipment can be used not only in the field of refractory materials, but also in many fields such as concrete and cement products, adding support to the development of various industries.

Planetary mixer for UHPC and refractory adds new advantages to the advantages of the original mixing equipment. The revolution of the mixing equipment drives the material into the mixing center. The rotation mode fully mixes the material in the mixing trajectory, whether it is the material in the middle or the edge. Even the materials on the cylinder wall will be brought to the mixing trajectory by the stirring and auxiliary devices to achieve a multi-directional and high-level mixing effect of the materials. Different from the previous single mixing form, the mixing of the refractory planetary mixer The degree is greatly improved, which can improve the mixing uniformity of materials and complete high-standard operations.

planetary mixer for UHPC and refractory

Planetary mixer for UHPC and refractory has strong effect, high quality, smooth operation, low noise during operation, and will not affect the surrounding environment. There are no hidden dangers through correct operation of the equipment. The machine has overload protection and safety reminder devices, and the range is Ensure the personal safety of operators; the installation of wear-resistant lining plates can effectively protect the machinery from corrosion, wear and other damage. The installation of the lining plates can also avoid material leakage. The entire mixing process will not leak materials, which is very environmentally friendly and safe. Extended service life.

planetary mixer for refractory

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