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100kg 200kg 250kg 300kg 500kg 750kg 800kg 1000kg dry refractory concrete mixer

2024-03-21 16:56:40

The 100kg 200kg 250kg 300kg 500kg 750kg 800kg 1000kg dry refractory concrete pan mixer is a kind of key equipment specially designed for the refractory industry, especially for the mixing and processing of refractory materials. This type of mixer usually has the characteristics of efficient, uniform and powerful mixing, and can handle various types of refractory materials, including but not limited to refractory brick raw materials, castables, prefabricated raw materials, etc. They often use a planetary mixing mechanism, so that the mixing paddle not only rotates itself, but also rotates around the central axis of the mixing barrel, producing a strong compound mixing effect to ensure that the materials are fully mixed and improve product quality and production efficiency.

100kg refractory concrete mixer

200kg refractory pan mixer

Refractory pan mixers are usually made of wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant structural materials to ensure stable operation in long-term high-load, high-temperature environments. In addition, some advanced models of refractory mixers are also equipped with intelligent control systems, which can accurately control the mixing time and speed, as well as the adding sequence of materials according to different formulas and process requirements, to achieve refined production.

250kg refractory pan mixer


100kg 200kg 250kg 300kg 500kg 750kg 800kg 1000kg dry refractory concrete mixers are widely used in the following factories and industries:
1. Steel plant: In the processes of ironmaking, steelmaking and continuous casting, a large amount of refractory materials are needed to build and repair furnace linings, such as blast furnaces, converters, electric furnaces, ladles, tundishes, etc.
2. Nonferrous metal smelting plants: In smelting furnaces and refining equipment for nonferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, lead, and zinc, refractory mixers are used to make and mix refractory castables or ramming materials suitable for various complex working conditions.
3. Glass manufacturing industry: The refractory materials required for the internal construction of glass furnaces also need to be accurately proportioned and efficiently mixed.
4. Cement manufacturing industry: High-temperature equipment such as cement rotary kilns, preheaters, and decomposition furnaces also require refractory products made from refractory mixers.
5. Ceramic industry: During the construction and maintenance of ceramic kilns, refractory mixers are used to prepare refractory brick binders and amorphous refractory materials.
6. Petrochemical industry: The construction of refractory layers in petrochemical reactors, cracking furnaces and other high-temperature treatment facilities is also inseparable from refractory mixers.
7. Machinery manufacturing industry: Some high-temperature equipment such as forging furnaces, heat treatment furnaces and other internal masonry also require refractory materials.
8. Boiler manufacturing industry: Mixers are used in the pre-construction stage of construction of various types of boiler refractory materials, including industrial steam boilers and waste heat boilers.
9. Military and aerospace fields: Equipment in special high-temperature environments and rocket engine linings also require the use of refractory materials.
In short, in any process of construction and maintenance of production equipment involving high-temperature operations, fire-resistant protection or insulation, it is possible to use a refractory mixer to produce high-quality refractory products.

500kg refractory concrete pan mixer

800kg refractory concrete mixer

1000kg refractory concrete mixer

Different from the common mixer, our dry refractory pan concrete mixer has any outstanding features, such as:
1. There is a high wear-resistant steel liner in the mixer bottom and inner wall, greatly improving service life.
2. Different from the cycloidal reducer, our gearbox is a helical-bevel gear motor, heavy-duty, high efficiency, and high carrying capacity.
3. Our pan mixer is equipped with a small water pump, and can automatically control the amount of water added by the electric control box.
4. There is a limit switch between the top lid door and the hopper, once the top lid is opened, the power will cut off automatically and confirm the safety for the operator.

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