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New peristaltic type concrete pump for sale

2020-01-13 18:09:37

New peristaltic type concrete pump for sale
New peristaltic type concrete pump for sale is a new, multi functional, multi functional peristaltic concrete pump developed by Lead Equipment concrete pump manufacturers that has absorbed advanced foreign technology. New peristaltic type concrete pump for sale for grouting or spraying is designed on the basis of a squeeze hose pump that uses a high pressure, wear-resistant steel wire reinforced layer extruded concrete hose with a working pressure of up to 25 bar. We effectively combine hose pumps with concrete pumps, in which case we can continuously pump, grout and spray concrete. Concrete and mud can be efficiently transported to narrow streets, large areas, islands, mountains, towers and other large construction projects that require new peristaltic concrete pumps to pump, grout or spray concrete.

hose type concrete pump

New peristaltic type concrete pump for sale is equipped with a heavy-duty gearbox with high power, large flow and rated output power of up to 45m3 / h. It has excellent performance and stable performance on construction sites. New peristaltic type concrete pump for sale can be used for high-rise building ash mortar and fine stone concrete transportation, secondary structural column grouting, reservoir, hydropower station, port and dock for various pressure grouting, foundation treatment, weak foundation, reinforced grouting, tunnel, subway, mine Construction intermediate layer backfill grouting anchor support, secondary structure column watering.

squeeze hose

New peristaltic type concrete pump for sale has good concrete pouring continuity and high conveying efficiency. When the machine is working, only one person feeds at the feeding port, and the other person is responsible for spraying and grouting, which greatly saves labor costs. New peristaltic type concrete pump for sale is small in size, convenient in construction, simple in operation, and can be directly poured on the floor, which greatly reduces the labor intensity. The machine has high configuration, light weight, convenient movement, convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost.

multipurpose concrete pump

Characteristics of the new peristaltic type concrete pump for sale:
1. Quiet pumping process.
2. Compact size: the funnels of the pump with the agitator are combined in the chassis.
3. Small wear: the squeeze hose is the only worn part of the pump and can be replaced very quickly.
4. Easily turn to remove the module forward and backward.
5. Soft start motor to smoothly start and protect the motor.
6. Online cleaning: quick and easy cleaning.
7. Even the most difficult materials can be transported.
8. No residual concrete in the system.

peristaltic type concrete pump

Over the years, we supplied new peristaltic type concrete pump for sale to China Jianye, China Railway, Sinopec and other companies. In recent years, our new peristaltic type concrete pumps have been widely used in water conservancy, electric power, railways, highways, tunnels, Many large-scale construction areas such as mines and national defense; special environments, such as: water diversion holes, culverts, mines, small tunnel construction, including hydropower projects, hydropower projects, slope support, underground construction, foundation grouting, large-scale post-casting construction, etc. New peristaltic type concrete pumps are also exported to many countries abroad, and the domestic and foreign customers are highly praised.

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