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CLC foam concrete equipment for sale

2020-01-07 15:21:22

CLC foam concrete equipment for sale

Leadcrete's CLC foam concrete equipment are the best choice for the production of CLC foam concrete blocks, and our CLC foam concrete equipment are throughout the world for sale. Today, CLC foam concrete blocks are a popular building material with good fire, heat and sound insulation properties. CLC foam concrete block equipment is used to produce lightweight bricks, initially a mixture of cement, fly ash and water. These three were added and a thick slurry was prepared. It is further mixed with the protein foaming agent in an ordinary concrete mixer under ambient conditions. The blowing agent was diluted in 40 parts of water. The addition of preformed foam creates millions of tiny voids in lightweight brick materials. Therefore, the name of cellular lightweight concrete (CLC) was derived.

foam concrete
CLC foam concrete blocks made of CLC foam concrete block equipment have many unique advantages:
1. Light weight, high strength and reduced construction load: dry density 320-1200kg / m3, is 1 / 3 of ordinary concrete or block 5-1/8.
2. Good thermal insulation and sound insulation performance: thermal conductivity of 0.06-0.16w/m.k, 24cm wall insulation performance of 58dB, can meet the thermal and acoustic insulation requirements of building exterior walls and residential walls.
3. Good compression resistance: compressive strength is greater than 0.5Mpa, the highest strength can reach more than 10.5Mpa.
4. Good impact resistance: Since the foam concrete block is a porous material with low elastic modulus, it has good absorption and dispersion effect on impact load, and the foam concrete block is light in weight, effectively reducing the construction amount.
5. No cracking, long service life: foam concrete blocks will not crack, void, no need to brush the interface agent when used, good anti-aging performance, long service life.
6. Good water resistance: The water absorption of foam concrete is less than 10%, which is obviously different from other wall self-insulation materials.
These unique advantages of CLC foam concrete block equipment make it popular in the construction industry, so our CLC foam concrete block equipment are hot sale at home and abroad.

foam concrete block machine


CLC foam concrete block equipment

Hot sale CLC foam concrete equipment has been recognized by many countries, such as the Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, India and so on. Our CLC foam concrete block equipment is a four-in-one machine that includes a foaming system, a feed system, a mixing system and a pumping system. It includes all the necessary components for the manufacture of concrete foam concrete blocks: foam generators, screw conveyors, mixers and foam concrete pumps. We can feed the cement and sand through a screw conveyor, the screw conveyor transports the material to the mixer, and then mixes the material into slurry in the mixer. Then we can create foam through the foam generator. The nesting, slurry and foam will be mixed in a static mixer and then pumped to the job site by a foam concrete pump. This means that all processes are done on one machine.
After making the foam concrete, we need to make it into a CLC foam concrete block. Therefore, we need a CLC dicer. There are two types of CLC foam concrete block cutters equipment manufactured by Leadcrete, one is a wire cutter and the other is a blade cutter. Compared to blade cutters, wire cutters are more economical and can be used to cut CLC foam concrete blocks but not fibers. Since the main materials of our foam concrete are cement and sand, wire cutters can already meet our requirements. Of course, if the budget is limited, you can choose to make a foam concrete block by hand. We can supply you with 3000mm * 60mm * 120/150/200 / 250mm 3mm conventional size molds. This way, you can save a lot of money and manpower.

  CLC foam concrete block cutters equipment

Leadcrete is a manufacturer specializing in the development and sale of CLC foam concrete block equipment. If you need high quality foam concrete block equipment for sale, please contact us to select the right model and provide a quote in the shortest possible time. Our email address is

CLC foam concrete equipment

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