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Peristaltic pump for wastewater

2021-03-03 16:14:38

Peristaltic pump for wastewater
Lead Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading hose peristaltic pump manufacturer in China, as well as a unique manufacturer with ISO 9001:2008, SGS and CE certificate in China. Many customers choose our peristaltic pump for wastewater. Our industrial hose pump has been exported to the South Africa, USA, Canada, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Korea, Bahrain and Nepal. The export amount is up to USD2000, 000.00. We’ve been an industrial hose pump manufacturer for more than ten years. To choose reliable supplier, contact us now! Our email:
LH series peristaltic pump for wastewater consists mainly of pump house, rotor, roller, idle roller, squeeze tube and driving unit. The squeeze hose is U-shape in pump house, when rotor drives roller to rotate, hose is deformed. After the roller rotate, the deformed hose recover by its elasticity. Thus the negative pressure in this hose is generated, sucking slurries, and discharging through outlet under roller’s push, finally forms pressure conveying of slurries.

peristaltic pump for wastewater

♦ No seals, No valves.
♦ Self -priming, Only tube to replace.
♦ Dry –running without damage, Reversible.
♦ No contact between product and mechanical parts.
♦ Able to pump products with solid parts inside.
♦ Easy maintenance, low-cost, short down time.

Peristaltic pump for wastewater can transport gas, liquid, solid and impurities when treating sewage, so as to ensure stable consumption of solid and liquid gas. With its excellent functions and unique planning, it stands out. Successful use and outstanding feedback in the field of sewage treatment.

hose pump for wastewater

When traditional sewage pumps treat sewage, peristaltic pump for wastewater is generally used to pump the sewage directly into the filter press. After filtration, the solid waste is dried, packaged and transported away. In actual use, there are generally two problems.
1. Treatment ability: because the content of solid waste in water is small, a lot of water needs to be transported in the treatment process, so the capacity of filter press is required and the workload is large. When the output of factories can increase, sometimes sewage treatment will not work. Outstanding production.
2. When the factory starts to produce every day, the solid left by the closure at the end of the previous day's production will generally be deposited in pipes and storage tanks. At this time, a lot of clean water is needed to clean them. Sometimes, because of solids, centrifugal pumps are damaged due to working difficulties.
Facing these two problems, according to the characteristics of market reaction, a new concept of sewage treatment is put forward. First, sewage is poured into a large sewage bucket. The volume of the bucket is planned according to the requirements of the workload. Then, the sewage is kept for several hours, so that the waste material is deposited at the bottom of the sewage bucket, and the solid and liquid in the bucket are separated. Then, the viscous solid materials at the bottom of the barrel are directly transported to the sludge bag by a peristaltic pump and then transported out of the factory. Later, the clear water in the barrel is recycled after a few treatments for production.
We control quality of industrial hose pump throughout the whole process strictly, and certified by ISO9001:2008, CE and SGS.
You are welcome to tell us your project, required output and pressure, then suitable design will be offered by our professional engineers.

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