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Grout Pump Equipment for Sale

2022-06-28 19:32:20

Leadcrete Equipment Co, .Ltd is specialized in design, production and sales of all kinds of grout pump equipment from 2012. At beginning of 2012, we made a series of grout pump equipment our customer, after that, we expanded our business at this field in China. 

Grout pump equipment products include Small Type Gasoline Engine Grout Pump, High Pessre Vrtial Groutig Pump, Grout Pump for Foundation Grouting, High Pressure Grouting Pump, Double-Plunger Hydraulic Grout Pump, Electric Grout Pump, High Pressure Grouting Pump, Medium- Pressure Dul Slurry Grout Pump.

grout equipment for sale

Compressed oil or compressed air is used as the power source for grouting pumps. Because grouting cylinders have a large area ratio, they may provide larger injection pressures at lower pressures.
Take the mode of LGP25/15 Small Type Gasoline Engine Grout Pump for example,

gas motor grout pump for sale

The LGP25/15 is small type gasoline engine grout pump. The piston is driven by the gasoline engine to produce reciprocating motion, and the cement slurry is sucked into the air chamber by the suction valve, and discharged through the pump cylinder. It has a wide range of applications, can be grouted various low-viscosity slurry materials with good fluidity, such as cement slurry and chemical slurry.

small grout pump

Features of Grout Pump Equipment:
1. The grout pump has advanced structure, high rated output pressure, large displacement, high efficiency, easy to move, easy to use and maintain.
2. Full function, that is, it can inject single-component slurry, also can inject two-component slurry; can inject chemical slurry, also can inject cement and other slurry; the cylinders work synchronously, the mixing ratio can be adjusted, mixing evenly; and can be used as emulsion pump, hydraulic pump, etc., for other occasions.
3. Good safety, in flammable, explosive, temperature, humidity changes in the place, can be used safely.

Application of Grout Pump Equipment:
The grout pump is suitable for slurry plugging, filling voids, reinforcing broken rock layers and other projects in mines, tunnels, water conservancy, subways, buildings, bridges and other construction sites.
Leadcrete Equipment Co, .Ltd is committed to giving you the most dependable, affordable goods with top-notch services to address your construction-related problems. Whatever grout pump equipment you desire, we will always try to meet all of your needs by offering you "one stop shop" services. While we don't want to be the greatest, we do want to be a trusted and close drilling partner for you. 

grout pump equipment cases

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