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Peristaltic hose pump supplier

2021-03-23 17:53:47

Peristaltic hose pump supplier

We all know that peristaltic hose pump has the function of two-way equal flow delivery; It cannot harm the pump under the condition of empty operation; It can also easily transport solid, liquid or gas-liquid mixed phase fluid; It can transport all kinds of materials and foods with grinding, corrosion and oxygen sensitive characteristics; Design and selection of industrial hose pump There are many applications of peristaltic hose pump in industrial production, but its design and selection also have certain requirements, so what is the specific? As a peristaltic hose pump supplier, let me tell you.

Peristaltic hose pump supplier

Requirements for design and selection of peristaltic hose pump:
1. When the process conditions have no specific requirements, the flow rate of the selected pump can be larger than the actual demand flow rate.
2. Process conditions When the peristaltic hose pump supplier is produced continuously, the actual required flow of the hose pump should be consistent with the rated flow. If there is special demand, the pump with variable frequency and speed regulation can be selected.
3. The actual working pressure of the pump is mainly determined by its own pipeline resistance loss and lifting height, so the actual working pressure will be lower than the rated pressure when designing and selecting the type.
4. The temperature of the hose should be less than 100℃, which mainly generates heat in the working process. If the surrounding heat dissipation conditions are good, the temperature of the medium can reach 100.
5. The main component is the price of peristaltic hose pump supplier, so the adaptability of hose to medium should be considered when selecting.
6. Import and export are in the same direction, and import and export can be exchanged with each other, which can be determined according to specific conditions.

hose pump supplier

We all know that the use of peristaltic hose pump has a certain life, so what matters should be paid attention to in use to prolong the life of peristaltic pump? Peristaltic pump supplier answers for you:
1. According to different media and different flow rates, please select silicone tubes with different thicknesses.
2. Clean the peristaltic hose pump head after use. If it is not used for a long time, remove the silicone hose to prolong its service life.
3. When using peristaltic hose pump, please don't screw the pressure plate too tightly to avoid "pricking" the pump head. Generally, the pressure plate should be adjusted to prevent the pump head from flowing out. Silicone hose should be coated with lubricating oil inside the pump head to prolong its service life.
4. Do not press the "forward/reverse" switch when the pump head is running fast. If you want to press it, first slow down the speed and then press it, then speed it to the original speed, that is, adjust the voltmeter reading to the original value.
As a professional peristaltic hose pump supplier, we provide all kinds of hose pumps. Please contact us if you have any questions! The email:

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