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Hydroseeder supplies

2021-03-22 16:49:56

Hydroseeder supplies

The hydroseeder supplies is a new type of greening machine, which mainly mixes green grass seeds, water-retaining agent, glue and fertilizer in a mixing container with water to form a colloidal mixed slurry, and then uses a pressure pump for spraying and seeding. Since the mixed slurry contains water-retaining agent and various nutrients, it can provide the nutrient source necessary for plant growth, so that the plant can grow healthily and quickly. The hydroseeder machine is especially suitable for large-scale greening in areas without water supply facilities in arid areas.

Hydroseeder supplies

The hydroseeder supplies is the world's advanced spraying machine developed by introducing the latest technology. It can not only improve the production capacity and spraying efficiency, but also has a variety of applications, such as from slope greening to mine greening, from waste treatment and burial processing to the construction of various golf courses, the spray seeder has shown excellent performance and is the most ideal equipment for slope greening.

Hydroseeder supplier

The hydroseeder machine has the following advantages:
1. The spraying of the hydroseeder machine is not limited to the area, and has a wide range of applications.
2. The hydroseeder machine has a good greening effect. Since mulch, binder, seeds, etc. are provided in a certain proportion and are stirred and mixed in the tank, a very uniform film-like structure containing seeds can be formed on the soil surface after spraying, which is established after spraying The vegetation is uniform and tidy, and the effect is good, which can effectively prevent the seeds from being washed away by rain. This is particularly important for the greening of highways, railway slopes, rivers and lakes.
3. Shorten the establishment process of vegetation. By using water as the carrier and solvent, the guest soil sprayer can complete sowing, fertilizing and coating at one time, achieving the effect of conventional sowing methods three times, greatly shortening the planting process and greatly saving costs.
4. The hydroseeder machine solves the problem of difficulty in planting on high and steep slopes. The machine uses high-pressure equipment, and can spray the spraying materials equipped on slopes tens of meters or hundreds of meters high, which is unmatched by manual seeding and traditional seeders.
5. The spraying speed of the hydroseeder machine is fast, can be widely used, the survival time is short, and the basic coverage is about 2 months. Artificial turf generally takes more than 1 year to cover, and large-area turf is difficult and slow, and the effect is not as good as spray sowing. It is not restricted by the topography and soil conditions, and the soil spraying technology can be used for complex soil, uneven soil, and steep slope.

Hydroseeder machine supplies

As the hydroseeder suppliers, we can supply the 3000L, 6000L, 8000L and 15000L hydroseeder machine for your choosing, and if you are interested in the hydroseeder machine, please contact us! Email:, and we will send the hydroseeder price and more details for you!

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