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Mortar spraying machine application of various projects

2018-02-02 09:49:54

Mortar spraying machine is to stir a good cement mortar through the shaker filter; so that the diameter of less than 6mm bone slurry into the sprayer; Pipe to the nozzle; and then by means of compressed air slurry was sprayed evenly and continuously on the construction work surface; Then finish the sprayed working. Cement mortar spraying machine spraying decorative surface with a dense layer of gray, strong binding, high anti-infiltration, material saving and other characteristics of the water absorption of concrete shear wall is more with less, reducing labor intensity and improve labor efficiency; Spray the construction of an average of two centimeters thick walls, calculated according to 8 hours a day can be sprayed 1000 square meters.

Mortar spraying machine

Mortar cement spray machine is simple to operate, do not have to scaffold, no mobile equipment, basically no landing ash, mechanical design is reasonable, pump and compressor integration, easy to move;, feeding continuous, no pulse phenomenon; spray evenly, strong adhesion, basic floor ash , Save water, save material, can reduce the cost of more than 20%; Mortar pump application is suitable for indoor and outdoor spraying, cement mortar spraying, dry mortar spraying, waterproof grouting and waterproof surface spraying, waterproof coating, grouting, smallpox spraying, wall spraying, paint spraying, garden spraying, relief effect paint spraying, handicrafts spraying, latex Paint, rockery spraying, sculpture spraying, spraying sound-absorbing materials, and so on. 

mortar pump application

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