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Colloidal grout mixer manufacturers

2018-02-03 10:15:54

Colloidal grout mixer is a skid mounted system. The colloidal mixers are equipped with a high speed centrifugal diffuser-type pump. The pump disperses the cementitous material down to its smallest size to achieve complete particle or wetness, and a powered bridge breaker to precondition material before entering the colloidal mixing pump.

The rugged steel frame stands up to the toughest conditions on the job site. Operator controls are centrally located for efficient production. All components are easily accessible for operating, cleaning and maintenance. The grout mixer and agitator is widely used in post tensioning, tunnels, shafts and mining etc.

Colloidal grout mixer manufacturers have many in the world, not all like Leadcrete. Leadcrete is the colloidal grout mixer manufacturers, also the producer of grout pump, and grouting plant. Machine and quality have been approved by the Herrenknecht, the world famous company in Tunnelling.

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colloidal grout mixer

grout mixer manufacturers

colloidal grout mixer manufacturers

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