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How to deal with the jamming problem of double liquid injection pump

2018-02-01 10:49:03

If the double liquid injection pump grouting pipe plugged in the construction of the time, can’t be grouting, or even the case of burst pipe, it will seriously affect the construction quality and progress. So double grout grouting pipe plug what is the reason? How to deal with it?

1. The reason analysis

(1) For a long time without grouting, the grouting pipe is not cleaned, and the grout is jammed in the pipe to block the grouting pipe.

(2) The pressure of two kinds of grouting machine does not match the pressure, the pressure of liquid B is too high to enter the liquid of A, causing the liquid in liquid pipe A to be hard and block the grouting pipe.

(3) When there is a straight tube in the pipeline, there is no way for the cleaning ball to clean the area, causing the slurry to settle and solidify in long term accumulation.

2. Preventive measures

(1) The grout should be cleaned at the end of each grouting, the rubber cleaning ball should be removed when cleaning the grout, and the cleaning ball should not be left in the pipe to cause more serious blockage

(2) The balance of pressure and flow.

(3) There is bifurcation part in the pipeline, the cleaning ball can’t be cleaned, and should be regularly cleaned by hand.

3. Solution

The blocked parts of the grouting pipe removed for cleaning, and then reinstall the recovery grouting. 

double liquid injection pump

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