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Mortar pump for sale in Dubai

2019-09-26 18:24:41

Using of Mortar pump for sale in Dubai

(1) Firstly inject the hopper into the clean water to start pumping the cleaned wet pipe.
(2) Then use pump pressure to transport white ash paste or pure cement slurry as pipeline lubrication, then drive into thinner mortar (consistency above 12mm), and finally increase to the required consistency (to avoid pipeline blockage, before use of new pipeline more important).

mortar pump Dubai

Matters of Mortar pump in Dubai needing attention during work 
(1) Pay attention to whether the work of the motor and the working pump is normal. After any accident, it is necessary to stop immediately and open the slurry valve to discharge the slurry. After no pressure, the fault is eliminated.
(2) The consistency of the mortar after the pumping should be measured before the pumping. The mortar should not be stirred during the work. 
(3) The oil chamber should be filled with silicone oil. It is forbidden to open the pump without filling the silicone oil.
(4) If the machine is shut down for more than 10 minutes, or when it is shut down for a long time, pump the clean water and clean the inside of the pump and the pipe until it is cleaned. If it exceeds the above time, start the pump every 4-5 minutes to ease the sedimentation caused by the mortar. Blocked.

mortar pump for sale in Dubai

The proper laying and arrangement of the pipes of Dubai Mortar pump is a prerequisite for the trouble-free pumping of the mortar. The following principles should be followed when piping:
1. When selecting the route for the general route, it is necessary to minimize the length of the pipe and reduce the number of turns.
2. Pipes must be securely fixed and should be installed in an easily accessible location for easy assembly and disassembly.
3. The horizontal section is not easy to be too long. When it exceeds 30m, it should be arranged obliquely to avoid high precipitation of mortar.
4. When using hose feeding, the pipe should pay attention to the turning radius of not less than 1m to ensure smooth pipe.

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