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Mortar grout pump with mortar mixer

2018-04-12 11:31:26

Leadcrete mixing and injection technology is the world famous ones. Mixing and grouting equipment is widely used for ground improvement, anchorages, reinforcing, sealing, pipe jacking, micro-tunneling and directional drilling.


LGP220/300/300PI-E mortar grout pump with mortar mixer can be used for liquid including water cement and sand. It including mixer, agitator and pump on one fame. High-shear colloidal mixers are recognized worldwide for their excellent mixing performance, efficiency and wear resistance. The vortex impeller generates high shear forces, separating the particles very efficient. This ensures that the mix is thoroughly hydrated. Additional mixing units are available for mixing of cements.

grout pump with mortar mixer

LGP220/300/300PI-E grout pump with mortar mixer, it has an agitator ensure continuous operation by holding and homogenizing the freshly mixed grout suspension, as well as removing air bubbles with a slowly revolving paddle.

 mixing and injection technology

LGP220/300/300PI-E mortar grout pump with mixer using piston pump. Special design can ensure it has the ability to pump the mortar. (Usually most grout pump in the market is for water and cement without sand in.)

 mortar grout pump with mixer

mortar grout pump with mortar mixer

mortar grout pump

mortar grout pump is low-wear, easy-to-maintain. Mixing and injection equipment is for cement suspensions and mortars widely used in anchoring.


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