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Refractory castable pan mixer for cement plants

2024-05-11 16:28:16

Refractory pan mixer's application in the cement plant is mainly concentrated in links that require special refractory materials. Although the core equipment of cement production is specially designed for a vertical shaft mixer or ball mill for large -scale treatment of cement raw materials, in some specific process steps, such as maintaining and repairing the refractory lining of the cement kiln, the refractory castable pan mixer is particularly important. 

250kg 500kg refractory pan mixer used for cement plants

250kg refractory pan mixer for cement plants

castable pan mixer for cement plants

Refractory, such as high aluminum bricks, magnesium bricks, or pouring materials, is essential for the high temperature operating environment of cement kiln. These materials need to be accurately mixed to ensure their performance, and the durable mixer is designed for this purpose. They can provide the necessary mixing strength, while ensuring the uniformity of mixed and the integrity of the material, and avoiding the particles of excessive crushing and refractory materials, because this may affect its final thermal work performance.

castable refractory mixer for cement plants

castable refractory pan mixer for cement plants

For example, when refractory watering is needed to repair or rebuild the lining of the cement kiln, it is very effective to use castable refractory pan mixer. This type of mixer usually has the following characteristics:

refractory castable mixer for cement plants

Anti -abrasion design: Mixing blades and lining plates are made of wear -resistant material to resist the high hardness and wearability of refractory materials.
Planet -like stirring: This mixing method can provide strong shear force and impact effects to ensure that the refractory material is mixed evenly and will not be damaged due to overheating.

refractory castable pan mixer for cement plants

No leakage design: good sealing at the axis, prevent the leakage of the slurry, and keep the working environment clean and safe.
Both adaptability: It can be suitable for a variety of refractory materials formulas to meet the needs of different refractory components.

refractory pan mixer for cement plants

Therefore, in the cement plant, although the refractory pan mixer is not a routine equipment for the daily production process, it is an indispensable auxiliary tool for maintaining key equipment such as cement kiln, which will help extend the life of the equipment and maintain the continuity and safety of production production. 

electric motor refractory castable mixer

hopper of refractory pan mixer

Pan mixer for mixing refractory in cement plants

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