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Mixer for refractories in Colombia

2021-03-25 16:28:10

Mixer for refractories in Colombia

Mixer for refractories in Colombia is an equipment specially designed to easily mix castable concrete, mortar, refractories and other materials under rough site conditions as required. Whether you need a mixer from 100kg to 1000kg, or according to your site requirements, we can provide the right machines to complete the job, because we control all aspects of production and provide support by standing behind each machine.

mixer for refractories in Colombia

Compared to ordinary concrete mixer, it has some excellent features in relation to mixer for refractories in Colombia. Both mixing speed and uniformity is very high. Internal lining boards were installed to prevent wear of drum composites, replaceable liners can still be used, low maintenance costs and long life. Mixing, electricity and water are all mixed throughout the organic matter to implement well with a small automatic mixer. The bag cutting tool is optional and the feed height is comfortable and easy to use. The design is simple and compact, and it's easy to clean, and the inside is simple, convenient and easy to move. Three water supply pipes can deliver water from different directions. Make sure the ingredients and water are evenly mixed.

The automatic and intelligent operation of the mixer for refractories in Colombia can complete the complicated mixing, control and maintenance by itself, making the operation and maintenance easier and more convenient, greatly saving labor productivity, and promoting the development of the concrete and refractory industries. Because of its wide range of applications, the superiority of the equipment plays an important role in various industries.
The mixer for refractories in Colombia adopts German advanced technology. In the mixing process with no dead ends, it quickly disperses and cuts various materials with agglomerate structure. At the same time, it also ensures the reasonable and stable working condition of the mixer's power conversion. It has become a highly recommended mixing equipment in the industry.

mixer for refractories

Maintenance and maintenance of mixer for refractories in Colombia:
1. Maintain the cleanliness of the body and remove the dirt and obstacles on the body.
2. Check the oil and circuit and control equipment of each lubrication place, and add lubricating oil as required.
3. Before working every day, add water to the mixing drum and run it for 1-2 minutes, and check the working reliability of the clutch and brake device at the same time.
4. During operation, check whether the noise of the motor, reducer, and transmission gear is normal and whether the temperature is too high.
5. After each shift, the mixer should be cleaned carefully.
6. If you want to ensure its technical performance, you must pay attention to not shoddy during maintenance and transformation, and you must choose high-quality accessories.

mixer for refractories Colombia

As refractory pan mixer manufacturer from China, we have exported mixer for refractories to many countries and have received good response from customers such as Qatar, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Colombia and Egypt. In China, we sell bread mixers at famous steel factories such as Baogang, Angang, Shougang etc.

mixer for refractories for sale in Colombia

We can supply mixer for refractories of various capacity for customers. their batch capacity is 100kg, 250kg, 300kg, 500kg, 800kg and 1000kg. High quality mixer for refractories is best suited for the site construction, mixing castable, refractory materials, etc. Usually, a mixer for refractories works with wet refractory spraying gunning machine.

If you are interested in our 
mixer for refractories in Colombia, please contact us freely,

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