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Manufacturer of CLC foam concrete machine

2019-11-13 10:50:10

As an experienced manufacturer of CLC foam concrete block machines, we have been working in this field for over 20 years. The foamed concrete blocks produced by our machines are not only very lightweight, but also have higher compressive strength than ordinary clay bricks. Foamed concrete blocks are used more and more in buildings, so our foamed concrete blocks are manufactured. The machine is also sold in various countries around the world.


manufacturer of CLC foam concrete block machine

Next, I would like to simply share our experience, how do we use CLC foam concrete block machine to manufacture CLC foam concrete block.
Prepare the main materials for the manufacture of CLC foam concrete blocks: The first is ordinary Portland cement, which can be used for 42.5 or 32.5. If you want to shorten the production cycle of foam cement, it is best to use fast and hard Portland cement or sulphoaluminate cement. The second type is an effective mixture of primary or secondary fly ash, slag powder, etc., which can improve the performance of foam concrete. The third is a blowing agent, which is essential. If it is a fast hard Portland cement or sulphoaluminate cement, it can be used with any type of blowing agent. If it is ordinary Portland cement, it will condense slowly and be easy to deform, so it is necessary to use a high-grade foaming agent. There is also a slurry stabilizer that improves stability.

CLC foam concrete block machine manufacturer

In addition, we need a foam concrete pump to deliver foam concrete to the site. Of course, if you want to improve efficiency, we also provide screw conveyors and belt conveyors. If it was before, we needed a lot of machines to make CLC blocks, which needed a blender, foam generator, foam concrete pump and screw or belt conveyor, which was time consuming and very costly. Now we have designed a new type of CLC foam concrete block machine to solve this problem.

This CLC foam concrete block machine combines the feeding system, foaming system, mixing system and pumping system into one, which is very convenient and low cost. Only one machine already has four parts: a spiral or belt conveyor, a concrete mixer, a foam generator and a foam concrete pump. So if you choose this machine, you will get the highest efficiency and lowest cost. After the foam concrete is made, we need to make it into small pieces with a CLC block cutter.

foam concrete block machine manufacturer

The production of CLC foamed concrete blocks does not require high energy. Since CLC foamed concrete blocks are made from industrial waste fly ash from thermal power plants, it provides a low-cost and sustainable solution for today and tomorrow. CLC foam concrete blocks are a necessary condition for green buildings.

foam concrete block making machine

We are a professional CLC foamed concrete blocks machine manufacturer, we can provide 5cbm / hr, 10cbm / hr, 20cbm / hr, 30cbm / hr... for the capacity of CLC foam concrete block machine. If you have any other questions, we can provide excellent after-sales service, don't hesitate, please feel free to contact us. Email address: 

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