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Supply industrial hose pump for sale to South Africa

2019-11-14 15:35:28

Leadcrete is China's leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial hose pumps and a unique manufacturer of ISO 9001:2008, SGS and CE certificates in China. Many customers choose our industrial hose pumps. We supply our industrial hose pumps for countries such as South Africa, USA, Canada, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Korea, Bahrain and Nepal. The export amount is close to USD2000, 000.00. We have been an industrial hose pump manufacturer for more than 20 years. We have a professional R&D team responsible for R&D design and manufacturing. Finally, our sales team sells our products all over the world. South Africa is one of our many years of cooperation. Our industrial hose pumps in South Africa for sale and have been well received by customers.

South African industrial hose pump is composed of a hose, a roller mounted on the rotor, and a pump casing. When the rotor is rotated, the inner cavity of the hose formed by the roller and the casing is gradually increased from the formation. The cavity is in a state of liquid absorption. When the rotor is turned to the squeeze hose, the liquid that has entered the cavity is squeezed by the roller to the closed cavity, and when the rotor continues to roll, the liquid is pumped to the pump again. The outlet is connected to the cavity, and then discharged outside the pump. The rotor continuously rotates to form a continuous "peristaltic" of the hose, and the liquid is continuously delivered from the low pressure inlet of the pump to the high pressure outlet.

industrial hose pump South Africa

industrial hose pump for sale

The reason why we have been supplying our industrial hose pumps to South Africa for many years is because our industrial hose pumps are very popular in the South African market. The industrial hose pump produced by Leadcrete has stable performance, guaranteed quality and, most importantly, has the following characteristics:
1. Industrial hose pump has strong self-priming ability and unique structure. It does not leak in the form of seal, which meets the requirements of high work site management requirements.
2. It can transport high-viscosity medium, and can also transport mixed medium of gas, liquid and solid; it can also transport corrosive slurry and sludge containing a lot of particles or other impurities.
3. Adjust the flow rate by adjusting the speed of the pump, and the outlet pressure of the pump is basically unchanged.
4. When the speed is constant, adjust the outlet valve to change the outlet pressure of the pump and the flow rate is basically the same, so the pump can be used as a metering pump.
When changing different hose materials, it can be applied to different media. And the hose is the only part in the working process that comes into contact with the material. The replacement hose is very simple to operate, and the price of the hose is very affordable, which reduces the post industry. Maintenance costs for hose pumps.

supply industrial hose pump

supply industrial hose pump application

Three months ago, South African customers ordered four industrial hose pumps for their concrete work. Our industrial hose pumps work well in South Africa and receive good feedback from our customers. To learn more about Leadcrete or our industrial hose pumps, please visit our official website:
We hope to help you.

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