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About the stability parameters of cast-in-place foam concrete

2019-11-13 10:37:03

About the stability parameters of cast-in-place foam concrete

The stability of cast-in-place foam concrete is measured by the volume of the foam and the tendency of the foam to bleed out over time. The slower the trend, the more stable the foam.

cast-in-place foam concrete

The foam was prepared using 100ml of a foaming liquid using the settling time as the evaluation standard. Over time, when the volume was 100 ml, the foam was considered to be substantially fixed and the time during which the foam was stable was recorded. The tendency of slowly varying foam heights to evaluate foam stability to change over time is higher.

It is very important to set reasonable and uniform standards. Foam stability evaluation criteria require a reasonable choice of the specific use of the foam.
For cast-in-place foam concrete, the key technology for its preparation is to ensure that the mold does not collapse after casting, which requires the foam to not collapse a lot before the cement slurry is condensed. Under certain conditions of early strength and quick-setting agent, the cement slurry condenses in 1 h or even less, so foam stability is suitable as a standard during this period. For our vegetable foaming agent, the volume change of the foam within 1 h is small, and there is some inconvenience and error in the measurement, so the volume change is used to measure the stability.

foam concrete cast-in-place

The main reason for the bursting of the foam is that the liquid film is discharged to thin the film, thereby reducing the protection of the foam. Therefore, in the present study, 1 h bleed rate was used to reflect the foam discharge conditions, and the stability of the foaming agent foam was evaluated in this experiment.

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