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The main points of shotcrete machine construction

2017-09-15 14:29:59

In the construction site, any kind of machinery in the construction process we have to remember some of the construction considerations, because in the construction site a little carelessness will be a great threat to personal safety. Shotcrete construction should pay attention to the following matters, we must bear in mind.

The five main points of shotcrete machine construction:

1. When the electric heating, the power supply voltage should not exceed the rated voltage of the heater.

2. Thermosetting coating with thermal spraying must be careful to avoid the occurrence of heat curing reaction.

3. Remind, if the sprayer does not add any paint, then do not need power.

4. Must use the heated paint, similar to the X-622 epoxy coating, PVF coating can be heated by thermal spraying method.

5. First staff need to be prepared according to the first coating in order to choose the most appropriate temperature. 

shotcrete machine

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