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The performance of grouting pump

2017-09-18 11:24:30

When grouting pump of choose and buy, many people will ask, grouting pump need to pay attention to what aspects of choose and buy, grouting pump performance is how to judge? This is a thought-provoking questions, we believe that the grouting pump performance is decided by three aspects, and then give you three aspects determine the performance of grouting pump, hoped everybody grouting pump when the choose and buy, accomplish know fairly well.

performance of grouting pump


leadcrete grouting pump

Three aspects determine grouting pump performance is as follows:
First, the size of the amount of discharge plasma
Should have a greater number of grouting pump discharge plasma adjusting range, general grouting and grouting amount of 8 ~ 10 times of change. A small amount of grout end, fill compaction.
Second, the grouting pressure regulation control is sensitive
There should be a reliable pressure grouting pump control. "Fill compaction grouting" will undoubtedly form overpressure grouting pump, the pump should be timely to reduce the discharge plasma, reduce the flow resistance of mud gap, in order to avoid fracturing grouting, roads, machines
Third, the operation is simple and reliable
Grouting pump should be simple operation and maintenance, the use of safe and reliable. Grouting pump using easily precipitation and solidification, must ensure that each grouting slurry grouting pump shall not stop halfway.
Leadcrete grouting pump is lead grout pump in China. We are reliable grouting pump seller in the eyes of customers. If you want to learn more determine grouting pump performance related information, please contact us!


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