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Shotcrete machine factory supply concrete spraying machine for dam engineering

2017-09-14 11:57:14

Zhengzhou Lead Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a professional supplier of shotcrete machine, we have own shotcrete machine factory. Many customers choose our concrete spraying machine for dam engineering.

How is the shotcrete machine used for dam engineering? Here's a brief introduction to me.

Shotcrete and tire processing and steel bending machines:

The downstream face of the dam can be reused with a wet mix or dry blended mixture. These two methods have been successfully used in many dams and marine structures in North America and elsewhere. However, from the point of view of productivity, wet concrete shotcrete machine is usually the preferred method because it can be applied in about four times the volume compared to dry blended shotcrete, in addition, the wet concrete spraying machine has less bounce.

In concrete spraying machine for dam engineering, sometimes encounter some problems.

The solution is as follows:

1. The addition of a dry powder mixture, or sometimes as a liquid added to the mixed water added to the shotcrete mixing nozzle, is usually added by the addition of a dry blended shotcrete admixture (usually in the dry bag pre-mixed concrete spray mixture) , Dry blended concrete can form an air hole system that provides good freezing and thawing durability.

2. For cast concrete and wet mixes made with the same cementing material and aggregate, the same water / cementing material ratio is very similar. In well-applied dry-blended shotcrete, the values tend to be slightly lower.

3. For the aerated mixture of dry blended concrete, please contact the major chemical admixture supplier for recommendations on branded products and recommended dosage rates.

If the program is not enough to write, you can contact our shotcrete machine factory directly, the technical staff will help you. Email:

Shorete machine factory


concrete spraying machine for dam engineering


Shotcrete for dam engineering

shotcrete machine for dam engineering

In general, dry mix guns with conventional air entrainment with good freezing and thawing durability have been routinely used to have good results in aggressive freezing and melt exposure environments. Dry shot ret retry has a long successful performance on the concrete side of the concrete dam. Wet-mix air-entrained shotcretes have been successfully used to resurface both the upstream and downstream faces of concrete dams and marine structures. Recovering the depth of the shotcrete to the system back through the properly designed anchoring system back to the base of the concrete has proven satisfactory performance for decades, even though the substrate concrete continues to experience frosting.

If you have more questions about shotcrete machine for dam engineering, you can contact me directly as follows:

 Shotcrete machine factory

Thank you! 

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