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Foam concrete machine for floor insulation

2019-05-06 17:56:10

The popularization and application of cast-in-place foam concrete in floor heating and heat insulation has been developed from the point of use, and has now developed to the stage of gradual popularization, which indicates that foam concrete has unparalleled insulation performance and structural layer adhesion and convenient construction. The advantages of many functions, such as time, efficiency and efficiency, will definitely replace other insulating materials such as polystyrene (benzene board). This has highlighted its advantages in today's floor heating market. More than a decade ago, developed countries used foam concrete for floor heating and insulation and wall insulation, and had already eliminated benzene boards.

Although the rise of geothermal heating in China is not long, it has developed rapidly. From not recognizing the understanding, from non-standard to normative, and geothermal heating from materials to construction, regardless of material improvement or construction quality, there has been a leap. Development, especially new, good engineering materials and advanced construction techniques, from low to high, from extensive to fine, indicates that the floor heating industry will be further standardized.

floor insulation foam concrete machine

In addition, the cast-in-place foam concrete is used as a floor heating and insulation material, which further improves the bonding and adhesion between the heat insulation layer and the base surface of the floor. In the past, most of the floor heating construction used benzene board as the heat insulation layer, which could not be compared with the original base surface. Good combination, no effective adhesion, causing delamination, empty drums, cracks and other drawbacks.

Foamed concrete is used as the thermal insulation layer, and the foamed concrete insulation layer can fill the uneven base surface of the original floor, and can grasp and grasp firmly to form strong adhesion performance. After the construction, the original base layer can be basically leveled, which brings convenience to the construction of the next process, and can ensure the uniform thickness of the surface layer, thereby achieving a good overall effect.

floor roof insultion foam concrete machine

Our factory has been developed in this area for 7 years, and made some big progress. We have developed foam concrete machine for floor insulation, and our floor insulation foam concrete machine has been formed series, includes 5m3/h
floor insulation foam concrete machine, 10m3/h floor insulation foam concrete machine, 20m3/h floor insulation foam cement machine, 30m3/h floor insulation foam cement machine, 40m3/h floor insulation foam cement machine, etc. Our foam concrete machine are mainly used to floor and roof pouring, realizing floor and roof insulation, so that we can live a comfortable life, because our house is warm in winter, and cool in summer.

foam addtive

Also, we are dedicated in develop and produce foam agent, we use plant protein as main material to make the foam additive, effect is very obvious, compared with other foam additive in the market, our additive quality is better, 1kg foam additive can produce about 500 liter foams, and the foam stability is excellent.

Any more information about our floor insulation foam cement machine, please feel free to contact us.   

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