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Grouting equipment and machinery for United Arab Emirates

2019-05-08 16:22:01

Grouting equipment and machinery is to press the solidified liquid into the gap between the formation and the structure under a certain pressure, and to fill and solidify, so as to improve the performance of the formation and structure, and to strengthen and stop the water. The process of injecting slurry into the soil is generally first infiltrated. When the passage is blocked, the slurry is difficult to penetrate, that is, the surrounding formation is compacted. When the pressure continues to rise, the soil is cleaved, and the slurry further spreads along the crack. Infiltration, compaction and splitting affect each other and complement each other, which together play a role in improving soil integrity and strength and reducing formation permeability and water content. Permeate grouting is the filling of voids or fissures, the release of free water and gas in the pores, without changing the structure of the soil. The method of diffusion depends on the way the grout is made. The end point grouting is spherical diffusion, and the flower tube section grouting is cylindrical diffusion.

Splitting grouting equipment for United Arab Emirates is to overcome the initial stress of the stratum and the tensile strength of the rock mass by pressure, so that new fissures appear in the stratum, and the slurry fills the fissure. Press-tight grouting forms a slurry around the grouting point and compacts the soil. Electro-chemical grouting is a combination of electro-osmotic drainage and grouting method. In the formation with small permeability coefficient, through electro-osmosis, water flows from the anode (around the grouting pipe) to the cathode (filter pipe), and the slurry fills the gap.

Grouting equipment and machinery

According to the purpose and function of grouting. Grouting machine for UAE can be divided into water blocking grouting and reinforcement grouting. According to the order of the work, it can be divided into pre-grouting and post-grouting. The purpose of water shutoff and grouting is to block the groundwater from intruding into the working surface and facilitate construction. His requirement for slurry is that the gel time is short and can be easily and accurately controlled within a certain range, but it does not require high strength and is suitable for strata with hard stone and high water content. The purpose of reinforced grouting is mainly to reinforce the surrounding rock, so that a certain range of surrounding rock is cemented into a force ring, which has higher requirements on the strength of the stone of the slurry, but the gel time is not strict, and it is suitable for the formation. Weakly broken, less groundwater. Pre-grouting can be divided into ground pre-grouting (or vertical pre-grouting) and pre-grouting in the hole (or horizontal pre-grouting). The pre-grouting has higher safety and less disturbance to the process (such as pre-grouting in the hole or pre-grouting in the working face, it takes up one working surface), and is suitable for large-scale high-pressure water blocking or reinforced grouting. Post-grouting refers to grouting after excavation. It is easy to operate and has obvious effects. It is suitable for general anti-seepage and plugging. What kind of grouting should be used should be based on hydrology and engineering geological conditions, grouting purposes and requirements, etc., using various grouting for safety, technology and economic comprehensive comparison.

grouting machine for UAE

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