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Details about China Mortar Spraying Pump

2019-07-26 10:23:00

LMP70/30 China mortar spraying pump is the ideal diesel or electric driven machine on a 2-wheel trailer, equipped with a double piston pump, for pumping and transporting the most difficult materials, max. aggregate size could deal with  5mm, with delivery height up to 30 meters and horizontal delivery distance over 90m. Thanks to pump unique design inspiration is equipped with 2 pistons. Machine guarantees uniform and continuous spray pattern. There is almost no ash falling during the spraying process. Operation use of machine is very easy and simple.

China mortar spraying pump

Plaster Machine is used together with a concrete mixer, or a continuous automatic mixing machine, it can be fed by the site mixer or can be used with ready-mixed mortar from a continuous mixer, to guarantee excellent performance and economical running costs.  Details about China mortar spraying pump delivers to the point of use common cement mortars, ready-mixed cement mortars, lightweight mortars for heat and sound insulation, fire-resistant mortars and special cement mortar materials. These mixtures can be used as bedding for brickwork or applied on indoor and outdoor walls and ceilings with spray guns, either as a coating layer or final finishing or for restoration and improvement work.

Details about China mortar spraying pump

The extremely high performance together with the low operational cost, this China mortar spraying pump details due to the high quality components used, makes Zhengzhou Lead Equipment Co. Ltd the most reliable partner in building sites. The robust design requires a minimum of space and low weight. This machine will do with comprehensive advantages. Double cylinder & double-acting, ball valve, quick clamp connection, operation and cleaning conveniently. Paddles in hopper with reciprocating movement, prevent hopper materials deposition. Also this machine equipped with double special mortar nozzles, making spraying operation more smoothly, continuously and reducing the rebound effectively.
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