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Cement foam concrete equipment

2023-05-06 22:45:56

Foam concrete equipment and cement foam concrete equipment are widely used in insulation bricks, lightweight wall panels, insulation panels, and can also be used as lightweight concrete cast-in-place for roofs, walls, walls, floor heating and other insulation fields.

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foam concrete equipment for making blocks

Cement foam concrete equipment for making blocks bricks technical advantages:
1. Foam concrete block equipment has a wide source of raw materials, high waste rate and low cost. Use fly ash, slag, sand, aeolian sand, stone powder with low soil content and tailings sand as the main raw materials (any one of them is enough), use local materials, high waste rate, low cost and large profit .
2. High technical content
One of the core technologies - the air-generating agent is prepared in proportion from several readily available raw materials to achieve the effect of making bricks with air.
The second core technology --- the addition of reinforcing agent, greatly reduces the amount of cement, reduces production costs, and makes the foam concrete block equipment reach the strength of autoclaved aerated blocks.
3. The process is simple and easy to operate. The cement, fly ash, sand and other materials are aggregated by using air-generating agent and reinforcing agent, through physical entrainment, and can be formed by using special equipment and molds, without autoclaving and curing.
4. Steam-free aerated block equipment does not have high requirements for production conditions. The simple shed can be used as a factory building, and the products are stored in the open air without a warehouse, and the requirements for the quality of workers are not high.
5. The investment can be large or small, and the production mode is flexible. It can be started with a small investment in a small amount of molds, or it can be directly mass-produced. The steam-free aerated block equipment can be produced in a fixed site or relocated.
6. The technology of steam-free aerated block equipment is widely used. Using this technology to change the mold can not only produce hollow blocks, insulation bricks, lightweight wall panels, insulation panels, but also can be used as lightweight concrete cast-in-place for roof, wall, wall, floor heating and other insulation fields.

CLC block making machine

CLC foam concrete block pump machine

CLC foam concrete machine production equipment

foam concrete bricks machine

Advantages of foam concrete blocks:
1. The foam concrete block equipment has a small bulk density, which can reduce the weight of the building. It can float on the water surface, and the bulk density is generally 300-800kg/m3, which is only 1/4 of the solid clay brick and 1/2 of the hollow block, which can reduce the wall load by 50%-60%, and the building's own weight by 20%-30%, the construction speed is fast, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and construction cost.
2. It has remarkable thermal insulation performance, which can reduce building energy consumption. Its thermal conductivity is 0.168w/m.k, and its thermal insulation effect is 4 times that of clay bricks and 3 times that of hollow blocks. The preferred wall material for energy saving.
3. It has excellent sound-absorbing and sound-insulating properties. The porous structure of foam concrete block equipment makes it have good sound absorption and sound insulation performance. The sound insulation of 240mm thick wall is 58dB, which can fully meet the sound insulation requirements of common walls and households.
4. It has good shock resistance. Due to the light weight of steam-free aerated blocks (bricks), the self-weight of the building is greatly reduced, and the anti-seismic level is improved by two levels compared with clay brick buildings.
5. Variety of specifications and sizes, good machinability. Foam concrete block equipment has a variety of specifications and sizes, which can meet various masonry needs. Coarse aggregate is not used in production, so it can be sawed, planed, glued, nailed, and processed arbitrarily according to needs, which is convenient for decoration. 

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CLC foam concrete brick block making machine

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