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How to deal with the interruption of concrete pouring

2020-01-14 16:18:27

What should we do when there is an interruption of concrete pouring pump? Below we explain the following processing methods from five aspects:

interruption of concrete pouring

1. Mechanical aspects.

a. Concrete pouring pump solution: Set up two spare concrete pump at the site. When the concrete pump fails and can’t be used, cut off the power of the fixed pump and stop the supply of the premix. At this time, the standby pump is started immediately. Parked in the pouring area of ​​the bad pump, resumed the supply of premixed concrete, continued the pouring of the concrete, and immediately arranged special-purpose maintenance personnel to repair the defective pump so that it could be put into use as soon as possible.b. Problems with the pump pipe before pumping concrete, the water in the hopper is pumped out of the pipe to achieve the purpose of moistening and cleaning. Then, the same stone-reducing cement mortar as the concrete is added in the hopper, and the pipe can be lubricated. Start pumping concrete. When pumping is started, the pumping speed is liable to slow down, the oil pressure change should be within the allowable range, and pumping should be performed at the normal speed after the pumping is successful. During pumping, the amount of concrete in the hopper should not be lower than 100mm on the cylinder mouth and 150mm on the hopper mouth, so as to avoid inhaling air and causing plugging. Conversely, too much concrete in the hopper can cause spillage during backflushing and increase load on the agitator shaft. Concrete pumping continuous operation, when the concrete pump supply is not timely, need to reduce the pumping speed, the pumping is temporarily interrupted, the stirring should not stop, when the blade is stuck, need to reverse the exclusion, and then forward / reverse for a certain time Do not continue pumping until the engine turns smoothly. If the pump is stopped halfway longer than 20 minutes and the pipeline is longer, the pump should be opened every 5 minutes to pump a small amount of concrete. When the pipeline is short, 2-3 strokes can be reversed every 5 minutes to make the concrete in the pipe. The peristalsis prevents the bleeding from segregation, and the pump is stopped for longer than 45 minutes. The low slump of the high temperature concrete may cause the plug pipe, and the concrete should be clear from the pump and the transfer pipe. Pumping should be far and near, and gradually dismantled during pouring.

concrete pouring interruption of concrete pump


2. Emergency treatment when power is cut off.

Before pouring the concrete, the owner, the water supply and related departments shall be contacted in advance to ensure that the water is not cut off during the pouring of concrete. If this happens, emergency measures shall be taken to prepare the reservoir in advance at the construction site, or to use precipitation. Well water, to ensure emergency use during power outages, and contact a generator at the same time, in the event of power outages, will be shipped to the scene the first time, specifically for pouring concrete construction used to ensure the continuity of mass concrete pump pouring.

concrete pouring pump application

3. Emergency treatment when it rains.

When the concrete is poured, the condition of the weather should be grasped in advance so that the concrete can be poured in a very short period of time, and it is guaranteed that it will not be exposed to rain. Add sudden rain or prolonged rainfall during construction. Because of the particularity of the waterproof concrete in the basement, the pouring of concrete should avoid heavy rain. In case of light rain, rainproof material should be used to cover the newly poured concrete material to avoid flushing away the grout. Affect the quality of concrete pouring. For areas where continuous pouring is interrupted due to heavy rain, reinforcing joints can be used for construction joints or measures can be taken according to the design requirements and covered with plastic sheets. The mixing station should adjust the mix ratio at any time according to the moisture content of the aggregate to ensure the continuity of concrete pouring.

concrete pouring pump for sale

4. Concrete supply problem processing.

When the concrete is poured, it is not timely supplied due to various reasons, and other concrete reserve stations are immediately activated to ensure the smooth pouring of concrete.

interruption of concrete pouring

5. Inspection and treatment of the foundation pit slope.

Concrete pouring process, especially in rainy days, we must strengthen the observation of slopes, grasp the deformation of the slopes at any time, and strive for time for emergency insurance. Professional observation units should carry out daily observations, and observation data should be reported within 24 hours. It should be reported at any time. In addition to observing the original observation point of the site with larger deformation, the observation point is added on the horizontal road surface of the corresponding range, and the observation point is also set in the middle and lower part of the foundation pit slope to ensure the horizontal and vertical range of the displacement. In addition to the relevant observing units, the project department organizes surveyors to conduct real-time follow-up and grasp the real-time data of the deformation.
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