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How to choose the suitable peristaltic pump

2018-04-17 11:43:07

Peristaltic pump system is mainly divided into three components: pump head, pump tube and driver. Below we explain the problem of how to choose the suitable peristaltic pump from these three components:

First, the choice of pump head

1. The hose should be easy to replace;

2. The pump head should be easy to fix the hose;

3. The squeeze wheel is easy to adjust, so that the pressure can be adjusted flexibly.

Second, the choice of pump tube

1. Peristaltic pump selection factors: a. Elasticity is good, that is, the hose can quickly restore shape after pressure; b. good wear resistance, c. ability to withstand pressure is good enough; d. better airtightness; e resistance Good temperature, low adsorption, no swelling, no aging, strong corrosion resistance, low precipitates.

2. Peristaltic pump hose parameters: Wall thickness and inner diameter are the main parameters of hose specifications;

3. Peristaltic pump hose material: rubber, plastic, silicone rubber, synthetic material, etc., different materials have different performances and different uses.

4. When selecting a hose, consider several points: a. Chemical resistance/chemical compatibility, b. When transporting different fluids, the hose exhibits a corresponding superior chemical property, which is referred to as chemical compatibility. Such as: good temperature resistance, not aging, low adsorption, no swelling, corrosion resistance, low precipitates. c. The higher the temperature, the lower the chemical resistance. Chemicals that have no effect on the tube at room temperature may affect the hose as the temperature increases. d. pressure, the hose's pressure performance limits the application of peristaltic pump; e. temperature users should consider the scope of the hose to adapt to the working temperature, different materials have different performance; f. The size of the size hose directly affects the flow rate. Consider the wall thickness and inner diameter of the hose when designing the peristaltic pump. Select the best matching hose size. The inner diameter of the hose determines the flow rate, and the wall thickness determines that the hose is compressed. The ability to bomb, also greatly affected the life of the hose. g. Certified hoses are to be used for related purposes. Approved by: h. Longevity/flexibility/elasticity of hoses The operating life of different tubular tubing pump heads is also different, so the ability of different hoses to resist repeated rolling and rubbing different.

Third, the choice of drive

1. Requirements for fluids. 2. Requirements for flow control. 3. Requirements for flow distribution. 4. Level of protection.  5. Rationality of the overall organization. 

choose the suitable peristaltic pump

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