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Industrial hose pump for starch wastewater treatment

2018-06-14 18:46:18

Industrial hose pumps for starch wastewater treatment can bring great production and economic benefits, and can solve two problems in the traditional starch wastewater treatment process.

The traditional starch wastewater treatment is usually the sewage directly into the filter press with a centrifugal pump, after filtration, the starch solid waste is air-dried and then transported away. Such a process generally encounters two problems in actual use.

1. The problem of the amount of treatment, due to the small content of starch solid waste in water, a large amount of water needs to be transported during the treatment process, and the capacity requirement of the filter press is also relatively large, resulting in a large workload When the factory's production increases, sometimes the sewage will not affect the production.

2. When the factory starts production every day, the starch solids left in the previous day's production shutdown are often precipitated in the pipes and tanks. At this time, a large amount of fresh water is needed to flush, sometimes because of solids, resulting in the centrifugal pump. Work is difficult and damaged.

In the face of these two problems, industrial hose pumps can be perfectly solved. First, the sewage is injected into a large hopper, and the volume of the bucket is designed according to the workload requirements. The sewage is then allowed to stand for several hours. In this way, solid starch can be precipitated to the bottom of the sewage bucket, resulting in the solid-liquid separation in the bucket. Next, the solid in the bottom of the bucket is directly transported to the sludge bag through the hose pump and then transported away from the factory. The clean water in the bucket is recycled after being treated for a while and used in production.

The Americans took the lead in using such advanced processing methods. They really realized the production benefits and economic benefits brought by hose pumps in production practice. 

Industrial hose pump for wastewater treatment

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