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High pressure jet grouting pump

2023-06-13 16:26:42

High-pressure jet grouting pumps play a crucial role in stabilizing and improving soil in various construction projects. These pumps work by injecting a high-pressure grout mixture into the ground to solidify the soil and make it stronger. To achieve this, holes are drilled into the ground, and the pump injects a mixture of cement, water, and other additives into the holes under high pressure, causing the mixture to penetrate the surrounding soil and create a solid mass.

high pressure grouting pump

high pressure jet grouting pump for sale

High-pressure jet grouting pumps find widespread use in various fields, including ground treatment and stabilization, foundation anti-seepage curtain, slope soil retaining, cofferdam anchorage, and wellbore wall construction projects. They are also commonly used in areas such as highways, railways, mines, national defense, and several other sectors.

When selecting a high-pressure jet grouting pump, you must consider factors such as the pump's flow rate, maximum pressure, and power source. You should also ensure that the pump is durable and reliable, has a high-quality build and low maintenance requirements.

high pressure jet grouting pump

Leadcrete Equipment is a well-known manufacturer of high-pressure jet grouting pumps that offer a variety of pumps to suit different project needs, ranging from small portable pumps to large truck-mounted ones. With customized solutions, we provide diesel-powered pumps that are perfect for containerized systems, making them ideal for projects restricted by limited space or difficult access.

jet grouting pump manufacturer

One of the main features of our high-pressure jet grouting pumps is intelligent control technology that can display instantaneous flow, pressure, and accumulated flow in real-time and print. The hydraulic end uses a plunger lubrication structure that prolongs the service life of sealing parts and allows easy and quick replacement of wearing parts. The alloy valve seat is durable and wear-resistant, reducing the frequency of replacement when the machine stops.

Our pumps also employ a frequency converter to adjust the speed, which saves the mechanical transmission, clutch, and other multi-fault transmission parts, making them smaller in volume, compact in structure, and stronger in reliability. The pump offers stable start-up operation, energy-saving, and no impact on the power grid. The electrical control circuit is simple and reliable, and through the straightforward operation panel, you can achieve "fool" operation, display basic operating parameters, set and display various operating parameters of the device.

jet grouting pump

Our high-pressure jet grouting pumps come with complete protection functions that can control power loss, phase loss, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, torque, and pump pressure. We also offer the overall use of a container protection system (optional), which is environmentally friendly, making transportation simple and convenient.

Finally, our pumps meet the technical requirements of single-pipe, double-pipe, and triple-pipe rotary jet pile construction and the construction of MJS, RJP, and other ultra-high-pressure rotary jet construction methods.

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