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High pressure jet grouting pump

2018-06-15 14:42:38

Jet grouting is a highly specialized technique used to create an in situ mass of improved soil also called soil-cement. Jet grouting is effective across the widest range of soil types of any grouting system, including silts and most clay.

High pressure jet grouting pump
is widely used during the jet grouting. XPB-90E high pressure grouting pump could be used for jet grouting projects along with the jet grouting drilling. It could also applied on ground treatment and stabilization of railway, highway, bridge, the dam, industrial and civil buildings, also used in geological disaster control. Some times could be also used as mud pump, and pumping the mud slurry. High pressure, large flow, stable working.

Horizontal three cylinder reciprocating single acting piston
jet grouting pump, it using an adjustable speed motor. Powe is 90KW, powerful during the working. Its flow is 119L/min, pressure is 37Mpa (370bar). Matched with an electric control box. With simple structure, easy to operate. With the new designed pump parts, easy and speedy for disassemble and exchange, at the same time a low maintenance costs.

Thanks to these construction features, Lead Equipment
high pressure jet grouting pumps deliver top performances both in terms of reliability and durability. For more information about high pressure jet grouting pump, please email us:

high pressure jet grouting pump

high pressure grouting pump

jet grouting pump

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