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Hose pump for pumping oil sludge, heavy fuel oil sludge

2018-06-12 14:56:01

Hose pump can be used for pumping oil sludge, heavy fuel oil sludge, and can be used as a sludge pumps & high pressure slurry transfer pumps.

Although the pumping power of the hose pump is high, it is still very economical when transporting activated sludge. At the same time, this transport technology also enables reliable dry operation, which is very important in the transport of activated sludge. Because the bacteria in the activated sludge will multiply, the composition of activated sludge will change, with different specific gravity and density. With the use of a hose pump, the transport of activated sludge is highly protected. In some small sediments, some 300m3 sedimentation tanks have successfully returned activated sludge regularly. For example, 0.5m3 of activated sludge is returned to the aeration tank every 10min to ensure that the microorganisms there are sufficiently concentrated. Ensure reliable biological purification.

Sludge pumps pump fluid by alternately squeezing and releasing the flexible delivery hoses of the pump. Just as the hose is squeezed by two fingers, as the finger moves, a negative pressure develops in the tube and the liquid flows. The peristaltic pump is a "pillow" shaped fluid in a section of tubing between two rollers. The volume of the "pillow" depends on the inner diameter of the pump tube and the geometry of the rotor. The flow rate is determined by the product of the rotational speed of the pump head and the size of the “pillow” and the number of “pillows” generated by each revolution of the rotor. The size of the "pillow" is generally constant (except when pumping fluids with particularly high viscosity). Comparing the pumps with the same diameter of the rotor, the pump with a larger "pillow" volume produces a larger volume of fluid per one revolution of the rotor, but the generated pulsation is also larger. This is similar to the case of a membrane valve. Pumps that produce a smaller "pillow" volume also have a smaller volume of fluid per revolution of the rotor; moreover, the rapid and continuous formation of small "pillows" makes the fluid flow more stable. This is similar to the case of a gear pump.

High pressure slurry transfer pumps with bidirectional equivalent flow capacity; no damage to any parts of the pump in the absence of liquid air operation; can produce up to 98% vacuum; no valves, mechanical seals and packing seals, there is no such Leakage and maintenance factors; can easily transport solid, liquid or gas-liquid mixed-phase fluids, allowing the solids contained within the fluid to reach 40% of the internal diameter of the tubular element; can deliver a variety of abrasive, corrosion, and oxygen-sensitive materials and All kinds of foods, etc.; hoses only need to replace the parts, the replacement operation is extremely simple; in addition to the hose, the delivered product does not come in contact with any parts.

If you need hose pump for pumping oil sludge, heavy fuel oil sludge, you can contact us directly, email address is

Hose pump for pumping oil sludge, heavy fuel oil sludge

Hose pump theory

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