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Hydroseeding mulch manufacturer

2021-05-07 17:52:51

Hydroseeding mulch manufacturer
Lead Equipment is a famous hydroseeding mulch manufacturer in China. The LHS hydroseeding mulch machines are provided by us developed and produced by the company according to the actual situation of the slope greening construction site and the accumulated experience of the company for more than ten years. It has strong power, high lift and long range, and is suitable for spraying grass seeds in places where plants are difficult to grow, such as rocks, hard soil, sandy soil, barren land, acid soil, arid zone and coastal dam, and spraying seeds for guest soil greening. Widely used in highway slope greening, mine greening, ecological restoration and other greening projects. The use of hydroseeder has played an irreplaceable role in preventing soil erosion, landslides and other water and soil conservation and slope protection projects!

Hydroseeding mulch manufacturer

Advantages of our hydroseeding mulch machine:
1) The hydroseeding mulch machine is driven by diesel engine and centrally controlled, which is convenient and simple to operate. Especially suitable for field work!
2) Three-dimensional stirring is formed by adopting the mode of mixing with hydraulic driving paddle and combining with reflux flushing stirring, so as to ensure that the organic mixed materials for improving soil, such as clay, seeds, fertilizers and auxiliary materials, are quickly and uniformly stirred in the tank body.
3) The professionally designed solid-liquid pump can spray out the mud and grass seed mixture with no more than 2 cm of solid particles smoothly, without blockage or interruption; Strong adaptability to soil quality; High output pressure and high spray head; It can transport viscous materials, increase the thickness of spraying layer for one-time spraying and sowing, or improve the compactness of spraying and sowing grass seed materials and reduce blanking by increasing the viscosity in the case of large-angle slope. Rubber wear-resistant pipes can be connected to the high slope, which increases the lift and is convenient for construction. The pump body is easy to install and disassemble and easy to maintain.
4) It is equipped with 360-degree freely rotating universal nozzles, long and short nozzles and fan nozzles and guide pipe valves, which are convenient to exchange according to different operation faces.

Hydroseeding mulch supplier

Step 1: Understand the structure of the hydroseeding mulch.
Hydroseeding mulch manufacturer is mainly composed of diesel engine, pump, tank, stirring device, universal nozzle, electric control box and other main components. Air compressor is not needed when spraying, and it is usually placed on the car, spraying while walking, which is much more efficient.
Step 2: Start the introduction.
Start the battery switch first, then start the engine, adjust the forward and reverse rotation through the clutch, and adjust the rotating speed through the accelerator cable.
Step 3: Stir.
By turning on the stirring system through the clutch, the rotation direction and speed can be adjusted, and materials such as water, soil, adhesive, water-retaining agent, fertilizer and grass fiber are added into the tank one after another.
Step 4: Spray seeding.
After the mixing process is completed, slowly open the switch of the mud pump, and the mud of mixed materials will be sprayed at high pressure at the nozzle. Adjust the direction of the universal nozzle to spray it on the required slope, and spray the grass seeds on the slope surface after spraying a certain thickness of mud on the slope. When the slope is too high, please use the guide pipe to spray and sow. The procedure is the same as above.
Step 5: Maintenance.
After the spraying operation is completed, regular sprinkling and fertilization should be carried out on the slope according to the weather conditions to ensure the growth of grass.

Hydroseeding mulch application

As a professional hydroseeding mulch supplier, we can customize hydroseeding mulch according to your project. If you want to know the hydroseeding mulch price, welcome to contact us! The email:

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