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hydroseeder machine for sale

2018-07-13 16:03:18

Slope stabilize hydroseeder machine is a great way to grow grass. Seeds, fertilizers, hydrides, tackifiers and water can all be applied in a quick and easy step. Easy lawn hydroseeder is also called hydro seed. It is a new greening technology that combines spraying and irrigating. Water, seeds, water retaining agent, binder, organic fiber covering, fertilizer, etc. are mixed in the mixing tank, and these mixtures are sprayed on the planting site. Hydroseeder machine is mainly used for slope greening, landscaping, golf course construction, etc.

 hydroseeder machine

Hydroseeder machines are widely used for grass sprays. Spray seeding is increasingly used for road greening. Grass spraying equipment involves planting permanent vegetation, spraying mud, protecting slopes, lawns and preventing erosion. If a relatively large area is planted, the hydroseeder can be completed in a short time.

 hydroseeder machine for sale

This hydroseeder machine can also spray mud, fiber, grass seeds and you don't need soil. It is always used for high-slope landscaping and mining areas to spray grass.

 hydroseeder for sale

The Leadcrete series of hydroseeder machines are versatile and can be widely used in spray planting permanent vegetation, spray coating, protection greening and erosion prevention. They can also be used for daily maintenance such as irrigation, fertilization, pesticide spraying, and soil improvement. If you are controlling erosion, restoring barren land, planting professional turf for golf courses, or planting only hundreds of new lawns a year, we have the right equipment for you!


PB series hydroseeder machine adopts advanced technology, and the spray coating is suitable for mud materials with poor fluidity, no clogging, no stopping, good adaptability of various materials, and high output pressure. The hydroseeder is powerfully powered, with a maximum lift of over 80m and is equipped with a variety of spray guns for a maximum operating range of up to 300m. Fan nozzles or sprays are more suitable for focal length planting to meet a variety of requirements.


Leadcrete are grass seeding machines, grass seed planter machine supplies and manufacturers, email us: for more information about slope protection machine.

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