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Wet shotcrete machine operating procedure

2018-07-14 10:12:04

What is the wet shotcrete machine operating procedure? How to operate the wet shotcrete machine without risk? Now let's explain in detail the wet shotcrete machine operating procedures and precautions.
1. Preparation procedure before wet shotcrete machine operation.

(1) Connect the air duct, water, electricity, fill the water in the cooling water tank of the wet shotcrete machine, run the wet shotcrete machine, the equipment is normal, notify the mixing station to mix, prepare for the spraying operation.

(2) Connect all the pipelines of the wet shotcrete machine, mix 10-20L cement paste into the pipeline before injection, put enough concrete material, and timely treat the stone on the hopper screen.

(3) Start the program: turn on the wind source (4ba) - start the wet shotcrete machine (start the switch to make the motor run the oil pump) - turn on the accelerator.

2. Blocking pipe treatment.

(1) In the case of work, always observe the working pressure of the equipment. If the pressure of the pressure gauge reaches 130 bar and does not decrease, it is because the pressure is abnormal, the accelerator should be turned off in time, and the wet spray switch should be adjusted. Upward (reverse operation), reverse the pump several times and then stop the pump, then close the wind source, check whether the relevant parts such as the reducer tube are blocked, find the blockage, and immediately clean up.

(2) After the pipeline is dredged, the pump operation mode is adjusted to normal operation, open air, start power supply and quick-setting agent switch.

wet shotcrete machine operating procedure

3. Wet shotcrete machine cleaning.

(1) After each work, all the pipes and the hopper and piston cylinder of the pump need to be cleaned.

(2) Open the lower door of the pump hopper, clean the concrete inside the bucket, close the lower door, fill the water, and stuff the cleaning ball into the tube to draw water until the cleaning ball and clean water flow out.

(3) Remove all piping and rinse with water until clean.

(4) It is usually necessary to process an end cap of the same size as the nozzle. When plugging the head in the front section, disassemble the elbow and open the wind source so that the concrete in the pipeline is ejected from the front end by the compressed air. Add water, you can also use the quick-setting agent pump to pump water, then add the cleaning ball, open the seal, and rinse repeatedly.

(5) Open the lower door of the discharge, rinse with water, start the reverse pump switch, rinse the discharge port with water, and clean the pump.

4. Wet shotcrete machine maintenance and maintenance.

(1) Check whether the injector hole in the air ring sleeve is clogged before starting each time, and clean the concrete residue of each small hole.

(2) The equipment has seven grease fittings, which must be filled with butter before each operation.

(3) The pump cylinder tank needs to be filled with water before starting.

(4) Always observe the hydraulic oil level, and pay attention to ensure the cooling of the hydraulic oil during work. 

operate wet shotcrete machine

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