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Foaming agent for CLC foam concrete

2019-10-29 13:46:44

There are two common types of cement foaming agents for CLC blocks, vegetable cement foaming agent for CLC blocks and animal cement foaming agent for CLC blocks. The following small series will introduce the two CLC foaming agent separately.

foaming agent for CLC blocks

The vegetable cement foaming agent for concrete cost is made by using natural plant polymers as raw materials and processed through complex chemical reactions. The vegetable cement foaming agent for CLC blocks is a pale yellow pure transparent oily liquid, which is not sensitive to water, non-toxic and tasteless, and has no sediment. The vegetable foaming agent for concrete is neutral, it is not easy to cause corrosion to cement and metal, and it does not cause environmental pollution. It is an environmentally friendly cement CLC foaming agent. The foaming agent for CLC blocks is resistant to storage, is not easily deteriorated, has excellent foaming properties, is rich in foam, and has moderate foam stability. The foaming cement made by the CLC foaming agent has the characteristics of low consumption, low cost and stable quality, and is widely used in the floor heating project and the roof insulation project, which can significantly reduce the construction cost. Vegetable cement foaming agent for CLC blocks price is about USD1.2/kg.

foaming agent for concrete

The animal cement foaming agent for CLC blocks mainly uses animal keratin protein as the main raw material, and is formed by a series of hydrolysis reactions, heating, dissolving, diluting, filtering, and shrinking at a high temperature. The product is dark brown viscous liquid, low impurity content, light irritating odor, uniform quality, good quality consistency, good foaming and excellent foam stability. It is a new generation of animal cement foaming agent for concrete. Since the surface of the foam produced by the CLC foaming agent is high in strength and the foam is stable, the foamed cement produced by the foaming agent for CLC blocks has a closed state in which the bubbles are independent of each other, and the bubbles and the bubbles are not connected to each other, and the foamed cement product has good permeability resistance.

Our foam agent belongs to vegetable cement foaming agent for CLC blocks, foaming ratio up to 30 times, foam stability is good. And the main contain is sodium dodecyl sulfate K12, it is inorganic foam agent, can storage 3 years. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. Email address:

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