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Hydro seeding equipment application

2022-06-05 14:03:26

During the spraying of foreign soil, additional pulp is needed to protect the grass seeds, and water-retaining agent and adhesives can promote the germination of grass seeds. Factors such as slope, topsoil porosity and climate, and different ratios are used to make grass seeds germinate and spread as soon as possible.

Hydro seeding equipment application

1. Chongqing Embankment
The Chongqing Embankment is widened by mechanical rolling and has a levee section on the plateau. The soil of the levee section is red clay, the soil is compact and barren, with poor water retention, sticky rain, soil erosion, hard as stone in sunny days, and dusty, so it needs to be protected. The embankment is greened, and the soil erosion technology is controlled by the technology of soil spraying. The slope length of the embankment section varies from 8 to 23m, and the slope is 1:2.5. The contour line of the spraying front is dug to loosen the topsoil by 3cm. Proportional mixed spraying. The period of spraying grass seeds is in the high temperature and dry season. The rainfall is low and the daily evaporation is as high as 5mm. Therefore, water management is a very important part. The sprayer is used to spray water every day. After more than 3 months of management, the grass is sprayed. All the species survived, and the grass seedling coverage rate was as high as 61.8%. The number of leaves and branches of grass seedlings is relatively high. The Huizhou levee has been sprayed with weeds to prevent the rupture of the new dam, landslides and soil erosion, greening the dam, and has a significant effect on the virtuous circle of the sloping land.

2. Slope protection and greening of Chengdu Huanshan Highway
The Chenhedong section of Chengdu Huanshan Highway is 4km long, and the slopes at both ends of the highway have not been planted with grass. Commissioned by the power station, the road section is sprayed with soil and grass is planted. The Chenhedong road section has an elevation of 656.15-850m on the base of the Pearl River, a slope of 40°-70°, and a slope length of 10-60m. The soil texture of excavation and filling in this road section is relatively complex, the soil is thin and barren, and the water retention capacity is poor. It is difficult to grow grass and plants, and it is not suitable to spread turf. Therefore, the use of soil spray to plant grass is used for slope protection and soil protection and greening to prevent soil erosion and beautify the environment.
According to the specific conditions of Chen Hedong, different measures are adopted for slopes with different slopes. The total spraying area is 11241m2, which consists of 53 slopes of different sizes. The spraying time is from March 20 to May 8. The coverage rate of grass and seedlings reaches 80%. Before spraying, the topsoil is loosened, and the slope is relatively large. Appropriately increase the amount of grass seeds and other auxiliary materials in the area, so that the grass seeds are sprayed evenly and have strong adhesion, so that they can sprout and grow faster. During the growth period, strengthen fertilizer and water management, appropriately increase the amount of fertilizer, and use a hydraulic sprayer to spray water to ensure that the grass seedlings have sufficient water. On average, each grass seedling has 7 to 8 leaves, and as many as 10 leaves. At 5 leaves, the grass seedlings begin to branch. The spraying period of this section coincides with spring, which is the growing season of grass seedlings, so the grass seedlings grow evenly and obtain good results.

3. Slope protection and greening of Shenzhen water conservancy project
The Shenzhen Dongshen Water Supply Project was built for the excavation of a water supply tunnel, and the No. 1 branch hole is reserved for future maintenance and visits. Therefore, the slope of the No. 1 branch hole needs to be protected and greened to prevent soil erosion.
The traffic road outside the tunnel face and the entrance of the No. 1 branch tunnel is excavated along the mountain. The slopes are all bare laterite slopes. The slopes on both sides of the traffic road range from 39° to 86°. The saddle shape that goes in has a slope ranging from 32° to 69°, with a total area of ​​7500m2. The soil on the slope is hard, and the rainfall causes soil erosion, forming a lot of gullies, and it is difficult to plant trees or turf on the slope. In order to stabilize the slope and prevent soil erosion, we planted grass on the slope in April 1992 with the technique of soil spraying.
Due to the large slope of the slope on the side of the traffic road, direct spray seeding is difficult to survive. Therefore, a combination of spray seeding and hole seeding is used, that is, holes are drilled on the slope surface. Shape, the center distance is 30cm, the soil is loosened by 5cm in the cave, and then sown, covered with a little soil, the grass seeds are Bermuda grass and Bahe grass, mixed according to the same weight ratio, and on this basis, the grass seeds are sprayed once, Others with smaller slopes are sprayed. The grass seedlings on the slope with the combination of spraying and hole seeding grow well, spread fast, and basically cover the gaps.
The combination of spray seeding and hole seeding has different results on the germination of grass seeds. Different soil qualities have different effects on the germination of grass seeds. Whether the grass seeds are covered with soil also affects the germination of grass seeds. Different water management affects the germination of grass seeds.
Practice has proved that in places where the slope is steep and it is not suitable to spray grass seeds directly, it is feasible to use a combination of hole seeding and spray seeding, and rely on grass seedlings to spread to cover the slope. The original scour ditch on the slope beside the traffic road of the No. 1 branch, some ditch is 2m deep and 3m wide. The combination of spray seeding and hole seeding can effectively prevent the scour ditch from continuing to extend and prevent new scour ditch. The formation of the original bare slope was covered with green clothes.

4. Slope protection and greening by spraying grass seeds with guest soil in Xiaolangdi Water Conservancy Project
The left bank of the Xiaolangdi Dam is the remaining hilltop after the excavation of the original hilltop. The topsoil is covered with loose soil, and it is washed away by rainwater to form many ditches. After one and a half months of maintenance, the grass seedling coverage rate reached 95%, and the growth was lush. After the rain, there was no scour ditch, and the entire slope was green, and the effect was very good.

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