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Construction technology of spraying cement sticky slurry between layers of cement stabilized base

2022-06-08 14:17:25

Before the construction of the cement stabilized base of the expressway, sprinkle a layer of cement adhesive layer slurry on the sub-base, and use the adhesive force of the adhesive layer to increase the integrity of the base layer and the sub-base, thereby improving the overall performance of the highway, and the construction is simple and the cost is relatively low.

construction technology of spraying cement sticky layer slurry

1. Process characteristics

1. Solve the problem of interlayer bonding between the base layer and the sub-base layer.
2. The construction operation is convenient and flexible, which ensures the project quality and construction progress.
3. The cement slurry sprayer is used for construction, the process is simple, and the construction time is saved.
4. The construction speed is fast, the project cost is low, and the operation is safe.
5. Improve the adhesion of the base and the sub-base, improve the integrity, enhance the bearing capacity, and prevent the occurrence of diseases. It is suitable for highway construction projects of all grades.

2. Scope of application
It is suitable for the base construction of various grades of highways to ensure the overall performance between the two layers.

3. Process principle
A certain amount of cement slurry is prepared. Before the construction of the base layer, the cement sticky layer slurry is sprayed on the sub-base through the cement slurry sprayer equipment, so that the sticky layer slurry penetrates into the sub-base layer. The adhesive force makes the base layer and the sub-base layer bond together, improving the integrity.

4. The construction technology and operation points
Preparation before construction Before construction, the sub-base must be comprehensively inspected, and appropriate measures should be taken to remedy the unqualified parts to make them meet the requirements. At the same time, manually clean the floating soil, sundries and dust on the sub-base.
During the spreading process, a cement slurry sprayer is used for spreading. According to the spraying amount of cement sticky layer slurry (the cement dosage of cement slurry is 0.385 kg/m2) and the spraying width, the spraying index is set, and the spraying height and spraying inclination are adjusted. Check whether the pipeline system is normal and fault-free, and then carry out the spraying construction after everything is checked. After the cement slurry sprayer starts from the starting point of the spraying and accelerates to the spraying speed, it moves forward at a constant speed along the direction of the guide mark. When the nozzle of the cement slurry sprayer enters the spreading area, open the switch door for spraying. When the spraying is over, honk the horn, close the throttle, and stop the vehicle a little bit forward. After the cement sticky grout has been sprinkled, it is strictly forbidden for vehicles to pass.

5. Matters needing attention
1. In case of strong wind or rain, do not spray the cement sticky layer slurry.
2. It should be sprayed evenly at one time according to the designed spraying amount. When there is leakage, it should be sprayed manually.
3. After spraying the cement sticky layer slurry, people and vehicles must be strictly prohibited from passing through.
4. After the cement adhesive layer slurry is spread, the base layer should be paved after initial setting. It is not allowed to do the upper layer construction for a long time after the cement adhesive layer slurry is sprayed, and it should be constructed as soon as possible. Table 1 Required materials and equipment, serial number, name, specification, cement.

6. Quality control
1. The inspection work before spraying must be strictly carried out in accordance with the cement and cement concrete test regulations for highway engineering, and those that do not meet the requirements must be repaired in time.
2. The amount of cement in the cement adhesive layer slurry must meet the standard. Whether the amount of cement meets the requirements directly affects the cohesive force of the cement slurry.
3. Do not proceed to the construction of the next process immediately after spraying. After a little condensation, the base layer is paved. During this period, people and vehicles are strictly prohibited.

7. Safety measures
1. Carry out safety training for all construction personnel, so that they are familiar with the safety operation points and precautions of each work link.
2. The cement slurry spreader must be commanded by a special person.

The spraying of cement sticky slurry improves the overall quality of the road. Because the cost of cement sticky slurry is low, the construction is simple, the speed is fast, and the amount of personnel and machinery is small, which speeds up the construction progress and reduces the cost under the premise of ensuring quality. The technology was appraised by experts organized by many provincial transportation departments in March 2012, and it was considered that the technology reached the domestic leading level.

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